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Timbaland – Apologize lyrics

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    This is a sad song, you know you love someone but they disappoint you and take too long to make it up to you so that in the end you stop hoping they will come apologize even though you want to hear it from them. Finally when they say something its past a point where you could have forgiven them and thought they cared about you. Its very sad and the beats of the song suit it to perfection.
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  • s
    Being at the end of a rope is likened to being at the end of one's tether - you just can't take anymore - he's at the end of her rope - how much more should he have to endure - he's already ten feet off the ground. He seems to be the one who's holding on. The way apologise is repeated seems to suggest his/her partner has done this (hurt him) before, and that this is not the first time they are apologizing. And just as soon as the partner says I need you, they undermine their statement by 'tearing him down' (obviously verbally). He's realised they are not what they seem to be, and that their apologies are wearing thin - repeated to many times to be sincere - and with contradictory statements to boot. I think he's tired of being hurt, and realises things won't change. The song is intense, it's never easy letting go - even if you know it's the right thing to do - he's still loves his partner. And their partner knows this, 'i'd take another chance, take a fall, take a shot for you And I need you like a heart needs a beat (But that's nothing new), and yet still manages to hurt him. When is enough. Sometimes it's just too late to apologize. Loves fire can only take so many buckets of hurt before it turns blue.
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  • m
    This song hurts a lot, specially when you get attach to that person that does not love you with the same strong feeling like you, and its just wants a friendship. After all you work for. It hurts when someone is confuse and don't have its feelings in order, cuz you feel that the world its coming down. Its too late, ut the emotions are there. Edlin it hurts me that you don't love me.
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  • _
    That's true, people always think that they have more then one chance to say srry and that people will 4give them every time, but that's not true because I got blamed by doing something I didn't even do by the man of ma dreams and he would never ever forgive me for "the thing i did" and it all happened because some jealous a* hoe had to ruin it for me and him.
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