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Thriving Ivory – Angels On The Moon lyrics

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    This song reminds me of my uncle who has Pancreatic Cancer. It can't be cured, so he'll die. But he never acknowledges the fct that he's dying. He lives his life like everyone else. He probably enjoys it more than anyone else, actually. This sng just fits his situation.
    And I also agree with the people who think it's about aids. It fits very well there too. So stop giving their commnts a thumbs down.
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    This is a very powerful song (for me), I just lost my son 13years old on labor day, He was battling lukemia and just had his second bone marrow transplant which was a sucess, but the chemicals of the radiation and kimo were too hard on his veins his passing was extremely quick, for such a short time that he was on this earth he had a great impact on alot of people I think he would have loved this song I think the lyrics would mean alot to him.
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    Although my opinion may not be well received, I believe that this song (for me) is about America. I can only support this perspective based on "angels on the moon" (our Astronauts from the late 60's) and the lyrics that direct attention to the tragedy of 9/11 (New York City angels and the rivers of our blood). The lyrics "don't wake me cause I'm dreaming of angels on the moon" may pertain to the fact that we are still waxing nostalgic about our accomplishments in the space program from years past (and the international stardom being the result), and as a result, have become naieve about our mortality as a nation. The song's overall theme, although energetic, is laced with melancholy concerning not wanting to know "if I'm dying", and this may be directly related to our terrible financial and cultural crisis, something that very well may destroy America. We may, in fact, be in denial about our own death as a country.
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    Now that I hear this song it reminds me of my meemee. She died of breast cancer but fought so hard and even as she was living with this, she lived life as if she had no such disease and still acted like wonderwoman. She did everything and was the rock that everyone leaned on. When the cancer got to her brain and I celebrated my birthday with her she got so excited because she thought it was hers. We let her open the gifts and to see the beautiful smile was more important than anything else in the world. She died ten days later on christmas day. Now her mom and dad and my uncle which is her son just dies a month ago at age 44 they are all together and happy and not sick.
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    Who cares what the lead singer is. Does it really matter if he is g** or a "fag". The song is still one of the best songs I have heard in a while, that doesn't have to do with breaking up with someone and being lonley. I personally don't think this song is about 9/11 because he says this it to, new york city angles. He is remebering them. The song he is singing about don't tell me if I'm dying and the peopele on the planes and in the buildings that day had no idea. It is about how we all make an impact on this world today. For me personally I can totally relate to this song because I have always said since I was 5 and saw my auntie die a slow death from breast cancer that I did not want anyone to tell me if I was dying because as soon as I found out I would be miserable and I just want to live a happy life. But this meaning is for me personally so I hope no one takes offense to it.
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