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The Sound Of Animals Fighting – There Can Be No Dispute That Monsters Live Among Us lyrics

New music
New listening
Not an attempt to understand something
That is said
For if something were being said
The sounds would be given the shapes of words
Just an attention to the activity of sound
New means change the method
New means change the experience
And new experiences change man
Whenever we hear sounds we are changed
We are no longer the same
After hearing certain sounds
And this is more the case
When we hear organized sounds
Sounds organized by another human being
Our entire system of values
Of the things we accept to be true
Is based on the visual sounds
You have to sign a paper because your word is not enough to be trusted
As a result the acoustic faculty in human beings has declined
As it has become possible to define a continuum between sounds and noises
Completely new problems have come up when we compose or play intuitively
Because we have no training what'soever in balancing tones and noises
Traditionally in western music
Noises have been taboo
And there are precise reasons for this
It has become from began from the time when staff notations were introduced
Traditionally in western music
Noises have been taboo
And there are precise reasons for this
It began from the time when staff notations were introduced
And music could be noted in precise intervals for the first time
Then it was mainly vocal music
Some predominantly with vowels rather than consonants
If I sing a melody of consonants now, people would say it isn't music
We have no tradition of music composed in these sounds
And no notation for it
There you see how narrow our concept of music is
From having excluded consonants the noises
Of course you find consonants in vocals music
But only in order to make a word comprehensible
That's the function of a consonant in our daily language
To clarify the meaning
But in a musical sense
Consonants have no function other than as accents
S s or t or k
To start or end sound clearly
I respond to sounds directly
Sound is my air
Whenever I deal with sounds they organize themselves, so to speak
They respond very well to me
And I to them

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