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The Ready Set – Love Like Woe lyrics

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  • jbieberfan
    @erinlover101 I can spell just fine ok and block me I don't care cause I can make a new one o and why don't you take your own advice ok that was very rude what you said to lova4ever and yes I'm gonna stick up 4 people! You don't scare me and you have no control of me last I checked you arent my mom. P. S. No one calls me missy but my mom! Got it!
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  • x
    Oookay I don't know why people comment on a song if they obviously don't like. Um don't you have anything better to do? I can see if you comment because you like the song. But if you hate the song. Keep it to yourself because no one cares! Stop complaining about a singer that you don't like. It's just annoying and not neccesary. I mean reeally? Uh get A life and stop hating on singers/songs. And why the heck would you be looking at the lyrics in the first place if you don't like the freakin song? Uuugh whatever. Like I said before get A life!
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  • e
    Excuse me?! I have my opinions and you've got yours missy! Why don't you just mind your own buisness? The thing that is sad is you can't even spell worth a rat. Stop trying to interfere with other people's meanings. I mean really, I was just curious! Now there is a rule that you need to follow. And I have a friend on here that can talk to the administrator who made this site, and can block you. There's a rule that you need to know. "if you don't have nothing nice to say, don't say it all." or type it at all. Not trying to be mean, but don't do this again ok? I'm not joking. I know the person who knows the administrator.
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