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The Gift Of Gab – Electric Waterfalls lyrics

Electric waterfalls fall [x8]

I see
Darkness and dreary visions coming forth
I feel
All the electricity turning off
All that preside in this land of the lost
Souls in an economic holocaust

They say there's a cure for cancer
They say there's a cure for aids
They say they can cure diabetes
In a holistic natural way
But then they'll lose their profits
But then they'll lose their pay
Is this what you call logic
Exposed to the toxic waste

Electric waterfalls fall [x8]

I feel
People are moving further from the earth
Over the oil much larger than gang turf
I [? ]
Change gunna come or will things just get worse
I think
Songs are the good to compensate the hurt

They send em out in rockets
They killed the electric bomb
To keep their wealthy pockets
While 3rd world countries starve
Technology and cell phones
And satellites roam far
Technology expands while
The soul gets small and small...

Electric waterfalls fall [x8]

Falling down, falling down [x8]

They say there's a cure for cancer
They say there's a cure for aids
They say they can treat diabetes
In a holistic natural way
While western world advances
Out Mother Nature calls
Please feed these plants with water
Not electric waterfalls...

Electric waterfalls fall [x8]

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