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The Gaslight Anthem – 45 lyrics

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    This is a great song with one of the best record metaphors ever. He is singing about someone that he still loves that is no longer there. He loved her so much and did everything for her. He was basically head over heels and blindly in love. His friends knew that she wasn't right for him and kept telling him to get over her but he didn't want to listen to them and couldn't get over her try as he may.
    When I listen to this song it makes me think of that first relationship you don't realize isn't right but want it to work anyway and everyone can see it isn't right but you.
    The name "45" isn't a gun or a car. It's a 45 rpm record another name for a 7inch vinyl record that you play at 45 rotations per minute. That's where the nickname "45" comes from.
    The part where his friends and better sense say that they will see him on the flip side and turn the record over, he is comparing his relationship to a song on a record. Where he's stuck on that one side and it keeps playing/he can't stop thinking of her. His friends tell him it'll be ok we'll see you when it's better as in flip metaphorical record of the relationship to the other side because that side has a better song that won't remind him of her and he will then officially have moved on.
    It's beautiful. It's deep. It's a greatly written song at its finest.
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    I think he is talking about a past lover of his who died he can't seem to get over and is trying to flip the record over like start something new and let someone else mourn over her being gone. And he can't stop thinking about because even when he sleeps the bed isn't the same without her in it and that makes him more lonely and makes him keep missing her and then her alarm clock goes off and makes him miss her even more. That's my meaning of the song.
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    Um it is pretty simple that the song is about getting dumped. A ghost can just refer to a memory not a literal dead person's ghost. His friends want him to get over her and move on and let someone else be under her spell. "lay at her feet" puts the image of a faithful dog in my head. She had him chained up and still does. Also the title 45 - 45's are records, the smaller ones, that usually have one song on each side. A lot of time a single and a b-side. That is why the chorus refers to flipping the record over and seeing you on the other side.
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