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The Game – Where Im From Part 2 lyrics

[The Game:]
Ey yo right here in Southern California
Hittin' hardcore pop this wigga
Watch out lemme snuff this nigga
Who dat the true rap fed
The true black vets
Me and tommy a bunch of bounty hunters behind me
Do it the ski mask way I'ma legend in the makin'
Go ask Dre bar smokin' hot like roaches in the ash tray
King amongst kings
Just rememba one thing
Many tried to dial to other niggas that wanted my bling
Pour first blast takin these bitches back to the studio turn it up back to makin' them hits
I got two sons two bitches just to beef with these two bums
I tought about lettin' off two shots to watch his crew run
Contemplatin' puttin' money on they head but it's just rap
Hit Nas he tol' me don't get down like that
It's time to strategize
Time to feed me beef
But all I can think about is this 40 eatin' ya face
Mothafuckas don't know how to beef in this place
Call him he call Jeezy Jeezy call so we straight
But I still got one brow to the ceiling
And a loaded 45 that ready for peelin'
I make it call more peelin' you make it out lord willin'
See life is a card game and I'm the mothafukin' dealer
I see you wit a killa
See ya chain wit a millions walk with me

Cough up a lung where I'm from Compton son ain't nothin' nice {whateva}
Cough up a lung where I'm from Compton son ain't nothin' nice
Cough up a lung where I'm from Compton son ain't nothin' nice {what}
Cough up a lung where I'm from Compton son ain't nothin' nice {what} {Dj Skee}

I'ma case of the slaves to lose
Drama and Dj pools
Whether or not they fuckin' wit me I was like Jay I will not lose
Been winnin' since the beginnin'
Before Dre
Before my records was spinnin'
I was down in that chalet fuckin' the finest women
Ask ya 50 wrong you want beef just to beef with these 2 bums
I neva admit tho she look good 'til she spit c**.

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