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I Made You!
Yes I Made You!
Mr. Potatohead I Made You!
I Made You!
I Made You!
Mr. Potatohead I Made You!

There's no batteries in my back
I show you n****s how I move (Move Echo)
50 ain't gangsta
Lloyd Banks ain't gangsta
Yayo ain't gangsta
Young Buck, you know you ain't gangsta

Look at what you n****s made
Ain't that a b***h
Created a monster
Kicked me outta G-Unit
Put me in converse
Matter of fact give me a d**k
Just like Olivia so you can suck my s**t
Gimme a pen
So I can be the hardest in the click
Wind me up n***a then gimme some lips
So I can talk about ya faggot
N****s aint no thugs
While I'm at it tell Young Buck gimme some white gloves
So I can cover my fingerprints in ya blood
I need a get away car you can put it on dubs
Make sure it's got a stash for the 38 snub
And a Banks album 'cause that's where I got my buds
Gimme muscles like 50
Gimme Yayo hands
Gimme a collection plate for Ma$e fans
Gimme some glasses so I can watch Mason dance
Who movin? You singing?
N***a gimme ya fans
Gimme a tattoo tear
Gimme some ears so I can hear police talkin when you disappear

I made you
I made you
I made you
I made you
Mr. Potato Head
I Made you
Yes, I Made you
Mr. Potato Head I Made you!
I Made you
I Made You!
Mr. Potato Head I Made you! (You Echo)

There's no batteries in my back
I show you n****s how I move.

Yayo: And I'd like to thank game 'cause he's mr potato head of the year, 'n' you kn.. A put together gangsta!

Rolling through Connecticut
In a stolen mini-van
Stop at his house
I don't see many men
Matter of fact I don't see any men
One plain clothed cop call him Lieutenant Dan
Officer why ya man tryna beat up my fans?
Makin me 5 times platinum wasn't part of his plan
Same s**t same snitch
You know how it goes
I smell a rat even if you take off my nose
And I bet every quarter in your piggy bank
Lloyd told N. Y. P. D. Who got 50 shanked
Next time when the lights go out
I'm pulling a desert eagle when the knives come out
Watch that man get ta tussling and the mice run out
Don't gamble with ya life when my dice roll out

I made you
I made you
I made you
I made you
I made you
Mr Potato Head I Made you!
Yes I Made you
Mr Potato Head I Made you!
I Made you!
I Made You!
Mr Potato Head I Made you!

There's no batteries in my back
I show you Ñiggas how I move (Move Echo)
50 aint gangsta
Lloyd Banks aint gangsta
Yayo aint gangsta
Young Buck you know you aint gangsta

(Phat Rat talks)
G-G-G-G-G.... Not!
You b***h a** n****s
Check this out man
I'm not gonna be playing these mother f*****g games
Mr. Potato head now you wanna be a comedian n***a
This s**t is are-E-A-L n***a!
Real n***a
Black wall street
Wait wait
Like I told you last time
It's the black wall street you b***h a** n***a
And Oliv... Excuse me oliver!
You punk mother f****are
I'm still taking heat from my n****s
For looking at your mother fu***n' a** n***a
You somebodys son
You b***h a** Ñigga
I'ma catch up to your a** n***a
Muscle mouth a** b***h
That's alright though n***a

G-you-Not n***a

This is black wall street n***a
Tell me where you at
That's all we need to know n***a
Cus this is real n***a
This is the streets n***a
Brazil & Wilmington n***a
In case you didn't know n***a
That's right in the heart of compton
You b***h a** n***a
And Olivia
Get that mother f*****g lil' a** red
Mother f*****g shorts off your mother f*****g a** on that video
Everybody can you see your balls b***h
' The f**k is wrong with you
My Ñiggas know I tried to holla at your b***h a** n***a
Ima f**k you up n***a
It's your fault
50 Snitch
This is Phat Rat n***a
In case you forgot n***a

Mr. Potatohead I Made You!
I kill who is my enemy
I don't give a f**k
If you talk s**t
I make you a follower yeah
You crack me up kid
Your stupid
I'm much more agile then ever
Got more style so yo whatever
Whatever (Echoes)

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