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The Game – 3 Killas lyrics

The Game [Chorus]
3 Killas on the rise,
Come through screaming homicide when we ride (when we ride).
3 Killas on the rise,
Come through screaming homicide when we ride (nigga, westside).
3 Killas on the rise,
Come through screaming homicide when we ride (when we ride).
3 Killas on the rise,
Come through screaming homicide when we ride (nigga, westside).

Eastwood [Verse 1]

Ha ha, Eastwood nigga, check it out.

Yo, I caught'em at the corner liquor store,
Ran him for his jewels
Told him give me everything you got,
Hat to the shoes.
You done showed me what it is,
Now show me what it do
I done jacked a gang of bitch ass niggaz like you.
My profile suspect,
I'm wanted for murder
Investigated by the Feds on no shit I ain't heard of.
In '94 they say the 'Wood was involved with' a carjacking,
That's when my phone started tripping, I'm knowing my shit's out.
Trying to tell me how I'm living like they B.E.T,
Sometimes I feel like it's a camera in my T.V. screen.
Ha ha,
I am the best ever since my moms left,
I ain't holding my breath,
I'm prosecuted to death.
It's Eastwood,
I'm as deadly as turpentine,
Spitting venomous rhymes with more heart than Valentines,
When we ride.

The Game [Chorus]

The Game [Verse 2]

Life is what you make it,
Sometimes I see blatant visions of Satan.
I been smoking hella the marijuana vapors,
With dreams of getting paper on felonious capers,
Rent a car from Avis, banging the best of Anita Baker,
Now is that sacred?
When niggaz spend money on jacobs,
And it's that same shit that get blood spilled on the pavement,
I'm patiently waiting,
For God to open Heaven's gates
And I'll take a knife in my heart before I'll murder my neighbor
And for that I'm hated,
'Cause most of they rhyming is basic,
Drop one album and left the whole world stuck in amazement,
Started with Rakim, found him in my mom's basement,
One demo tape and I'm on Em and Dr. Dre shit,
When we ride.

The Game [Chorus]

Techniec [Verse 3]

The hood got me feeling like my back against the wall,
But I been here befo',
Let me fly or give me death,
I'm in here for dough.
My pops used to hustle the corner in lotto kicks,
Attempted to try'em on,
Didn't like that fit.
Went after a record deal,
Shit I got that supersize,
Niggaz ain't flyer than Tech at this shit
I'm a natural nigga,
So it's only right we boss up after these figgaz,
So classical nigga.
I'll document the avenue,
Study the set back to the O.Gs,
Create a new avenue niggaz, so we can ride.
Rims spinning off the chrome,
Check the rear-view wave spinning off the dome,
Honey, the west coast is home.

The Game [Chorus]

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