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The Flobots – There's A War Going On For Your Mind lyrics

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    The media maven is a corporation that helps other companies make successful ads. "mounting surgical strikes" could mean they are directly targetting certain people (kids, teens, adults, elderly). "from trapper keeper collages and online magazine racks" is to show their widespread area of influence,.
    "cover girl cut outs throw up pop-up ads, infecting victims with silicone shrapnel" could mean that ads that are popping up on the internet are showing beautiful women, making other women self-conscious and get silicone implants and other things.
    "worldwide passenger pigeons deploy paratroopers" showes how their influence was spread.
    "now, it's raining pornography, lovers take shelter" is to show how pornography is everywhere and you cannot escape it,.
    "post-production debutantes, pursue you in nascar chariots" could mean that the "good" people are not truly good, and that they want you to follow the mwithout giving you time to think".
    "they construct ransom letters from biblical passages and bleed mascara into the holy water supplies" could mean that they use words from the bible to say you aren't doing it right and to bend you to their doing, and they make innocent people (the holy water supplies) buy mascara because they aren't pretty enough for them.
    "industry insiders slang test tube babies to corporate crack heads," could mean that the advertising company, industry insiders, is selling test tube babes (possible new music stars?) to corporates,.
    "their embroidered neckties say "stop snitchin" could mean that they are not supposed to say a thing, nobody should say a thing, they should keep their mouths closed.
    "they flash logos and blast ghettos" they show you images to see them, and put down ghettos to make them look better.
    "conscious rappers and whistleblowers get stitches made of acupuncture needles and marionette strings" could mean that people who have been calling out the governmentmediaindustry are all killed off, or silenced, then are forced to become puppets to the music industry.
    "professional wrestlers and vice presidents want you to believe them" could mean that they want to follow them and think they are real, despite them not.
    "the desert sky is their blue screen" iraq is their cover photo so that they are everywhere, s
    "they superimpose explosions, they shout at you" they add more details to what happens in bad things, and they are telling you what you to do with force".
    "pay no attention to teh men behind barbed curtains" could be talking about guantanamo bay about the men they have arrested and threw in prison or behind barbed fences. That is so far all I understand.
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