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The Airborne Toxic Event – Innocence - Live version lyrics

I want to dissapear
And, I'll just sleep all day
These spots on my face
Theseteethmarks on my wrist
And the air so cold
I shudder and I can't sing

The carpet on my feet
Sweat stains on the sheets
Cough syrup and drugs
Bandages and guaze
The razors dull the water was cold against my skin
The radio love is static buzzin' around my brain

In all these empty plans
These ink stains on my hands
And everyone saves
The best words for the grave
All these weary morning tones
I'll probably save mine too
If heavens just a long road home
Tell me it's true
I'll go too
I'll go too
I'll go too

Well, I lost my innocence today
I could feel her in my bones
My bones, my bones, my bones
My blood, my blood, my blood, my blood

And I woke up, tired, scared and sad
Soaked, drained, I felt so bad
Today, today, today
What you steal, you steal, you steal, you steal
Won't you say, you say, you say, you say
What you feel, you feel, you feel, you feel
Which is nothing but hollow feelings, yeah
I could die, I just don't care

And forget happiness, I'm fine
I'll forget everything in time
I swear I didn't know,
You know me, how I can't let go
And we're not guts, we're just hacks
All that life amongst the cracks
The scars, the siege that breaks
The ugliest scene, the worst mistakes
And everywhere I see her face
Such a beautiful child, such an awful waste
And there's no innocence like hers
Just emptiness and nerves

And this light from the window of my car
She'll never see it, oh my God
I was so surprised, it blew up in my face
Lord, I lost my nerve, oh my God...
Oh my God, oh my... God

And I tear, I tear, so hard...
And I tear, I tear, so hard...
And I beg and scream, "I was wrong"
It's over, she's gone

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Submitted bydrip
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    This is the live 8: 03min version of Innocence by T. A. T. E. Which is >2mins longer than the 'recorded' album version of Innocence (= 1st 3 verses cut out) and this live version can't be bought anywhere yet, only viewed on YouTube, vh1, Myspace, etc. The recorded version does say "I could die, I just don't care" on the current "album version".
    Tho on Nov 10, 2009 there will be an uk Import Release of "The Airborne Toxic Event-Deluxe Edition" (can preorder on Amazon for ~$34. 00 is a 2 disc set cd/Dvd and may have the 'live' version on it. Unsure at this time but trying to check w/Mikel)
    yet, T. A. T. E. Has come along ways since they formed in 2006 n were unsigned into 2008-tho finally got signed n released this great debut album by Dec'08. So Congrats
    Mikel, Daren, Anna, Noah n Steven! You guys n gal rock!
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    The "released album version" does say "I could die, I just don't care".
    But if you listen to any artist when performing "LIVE", they do change some words in their songs on occas, so it doesn't fit what one has bought.
    Yet T. A. T. E. Is an awesome group, finally getting the much deserve recognition from 'fans' all over the world vs just the la area n Myspace.
    So kudos/congrats my friends: Mikel J., Daren T., Anna B., Noah H. N Steven C.!
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