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The 88 – You Belong To Me lyrics

I treat it like a high school dance
waiting in the wings for my big chance
but I would only stare at my shoes
you belong to me I belong to you

I could tell an antique lie
full of all the things I want to hide
but that would only lead to the truth
you belong to me I belong to you

but I'm lazy and I'll pull you down
where you won't want to be
and I'm tasting what's pouring out of you
what am I supposed to do?

I could play a trick so strange
cover up my ears and pray for rain
but that would only give you the blues
you belong to me I belong to you

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    Actually, what I gathered from the first line "I treat it like a high school dance..." is that he's testing this, their relationship as a dance. He's shy about it. And he's on the outside of the dance room waiting for they moment he gets his chance. This sounds like it'sabout a relationship and he's claiming that he can't ever really say what he is feeling or wanting, having that sense of wanting to ignore all of the feelings because love is difficult. He knows that they're meant to be, but it's still all so new. Or he's done this dance of telling exactly what he feels and he knows were that leads and he doesn't want to mess this relationship up so he'll hide it all inside(the doubts) and just claim "it's all good" when it's not. I guess, we can see it and take it by what we feel when we hear the song ourselves.
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