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F/ Kokane

Go help yourself f****r (son of a bitch)
Hahahaha!!! (Guh-ohh)
I know Tha Eastsidaz
Them some bad motherfuckers
Uh-oh (Uh-oh, uh)

[Snoop Dogg]
Swizz Beatz
Up in the motherfuckin Dogghouse
Eastside s**t, you know this finna be a monster

[Goldie (Kokane)]
(Everywhere I go!!!)
N****s talkin s**t, b*****s on my d**k
Stay so swift, buckin this s**t
Beat made by Swizz, so you n****s can't trip, cuz..

[Tray Deee]
(Everywhere I go!!!)
N****s give me props, b*****s give me c***
Hustlers on the block, busters gettin shot
Playa haters jock, and pray that they got cop, cuz..

[Goldie Loc]
(Everywhere I go!!!)
I'm quick to start strappin, down for straight jackin
Don't ask me what happened if ya gun start clappin
N***a I was rappin, while you was actin, cuz..

[Tray Deee]
(Everywhere I go!!!)
Real n****s postin, gettin drunk, smokin
Khaki chucks spokin, pistol grip totin
Always go for broke, and love livin life motive
(Ev-ry-where I go-o-o-o-ooo!!!)

[Snoop talking]
Everywhere I go
I see we just rubbin off on the whole motherfuckin game, haha

[Goldie Loc]
(Everywhere I go!!!)
Some be hatin, some roll gatin (so)
Most be fakin so they get they hoes taken
Since I don't be tastin, you hoes I'll be shakin, cuz..

[Tray Deee]
(Everywhere I go!!!)
I see thick a** b*****s, big a** switchin
Quick cash pimpin, swift a** kickins
Zig-Zag twistin, fifth glass sippin

[Goldie Loc]
(Everywhere I go!!!)
Don't get quiet, n****s start a riot
Take off like hollies, young gangsta try it
In it for the highs, you can't deny it man

[Tray Deee]
(Everywhere I go!!!)
Motherfuckers tryin to bang, n****s runnin game
Suckas gettin played, player b*****s gettin paid
Said gangster everyday, place the snitches in their grave
(Ev-ry-where I go-o-o-o-oo!!!)

[Snoop talking]
Yeah somebody thought the game was dead
The game ain't dead these n****s is scared

[Goldie Loc]
(Everywhere I go!!!)
Packed up cells, dirty-a** jails
Sneaky a** snails, hot like Hell
Funky s**t that smell, clean your fingernails man

[Tray Deee]
(Everywhere I go!!!)
Redneck cops, X pills pop (f**k 'em)
Banned X boxes and yoke gettin shopped
Stacks gettin clocked and 'Lacs gettin dropped

[Goldie Loc]
(Everywhere I go!!!)
Gone off hennessey, b*****s next to me
Takin some Ecstasy, want some s** from me
It's all G, n***a can't you see, cuz..

[Tray Deee]
(Everywhere I go!!!)
Cars full of sets, marks gettin checked (Eastside!)
Hard n****s vets, bulletscars on they chest
Start tryna test I hope the Lord got ya blessed n***a
(Ev-ry-where I go-o-o-o-oo!!!)

[Snoop talking]
From Spain to Maine, we here to change the game
Ain't a motherfuckin thang changed, yaknah'msayin mayne

[Goldie Loc]
(Everywhere I go!!!)
Make this m**********r jump, let the b*****s get crunk
I got a room at the Trump, later on we can slump
Let the speakers thump, and watch these hoes thump

[Tray Deee]
(Everywhere I go!!!)
N****s serve zones, n****s swerve chrome
B*****s turn wrong, get other b*****s turned on (ooh)
Think it ain't sold then ya must have heard wrong

[Goldie Loc]
(Everywhere I go!!!)
Bailin thru the streets, always catch me with some heat
On my way to buck a freak, back up we f**k the heat
In and out of sheets while yo' a** be asleep, cuz..

[Tray Deee]
(Everywhere I go!!!)
I stand on the set, demand my respect (for life)
My hand on the tech, or the magnum on deck (nigga)
You ain't gotta guess, I represent it to the death n***a
(Ev-ry-where I go-o-o-o-oo!!!)

[Snoop Dogg talking]
Everywhere I go, everywhere I go
Everywhere we go (Eastside!!!)Hahaha
(Everywhere I go!!!)
Put ya motherfuckin cups down n***a
It's goin down up in this m**********r
Swizz Beatz, Ruff Rydin, Eastside
(Everywhere I go!!!)
Yeah, yeah, a little somethin,
For all my n****s down in the dirty-dirty
All my n****s on the bs, yea yea n***a
(Everywhere I go!!!)
Every-motherfuckin-where I go
I keep that bomb-a** weed on me
Yeah, got a bad b***h, waitin on me in the hotel room
(Everywhere I go!!!)

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