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Talk Talk – It's My Life lyrics

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    It's always hard to be in love with someone who doesn't return the love, you have to convince yourself you're in control, you know what you're doing, that it's all worth it, but it's simply madness, which you ignore, of course. Is it worth it, well, if you think so it is, after all, it's your life, even if you've given it all away.
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    You can "earn Karma points" but you can't redeem them, any more than you can use Monopoly money.
    The guy sings "it's my life" not "lives". That's why you have to commit yourself sometime. You can't hang around and wait for a better life. There is only one before Judgement Day, and that does not "never end" (although eternity after Judgement Day never ends). We reap the sort of thing we sow. But that is not the same as Karma (Karma does not exist, no matter how much anyone might like it to). We do not make the rules about seasons, and how long it takes for a seed to grow (and it won't grow into "someone else's next life", just a plant or field if you sow that. But it's good, and there is order. There is a God who is not only just but cares too. Not some "justice-machine-type" impersonal force. Wisely created. Loves his creation. Jesus committed himself. Invested his life, his love. And will reap that in a love-filled eternity, with those who follow him there during this one life we are given (not endless cycle). Jesus Christ redeems. Invest your life (commit to) Him, for a life that can be redeemed in a worthwhile way (not "Karma points" or "Monopoly money" or any other fiction).

    Does the internet eat bytes?
    So many places in the world where there is fiction (which is often based in real life, but subtly or not subtly changed, distortion). That's. OK if all you expect is short-term entertainment. But it doesn't help for more long-term serious decisions, like where your life (not just the next 3 minutes) is going. Hop from song-meaning-post to post and pick and choose. But commit to Jesus and the eternal truth in the much-loved Bible (not a poster's opinion, song, or fiction, all of which may be "here today and gone tomorrow") for the truth about "where to invest your life". You have only got one, so value it. Commit yourself carefully. God does. That's why he invested himself to redeem us.
    The Lord God lives. Is carefully preparing the rooms in the Heavenly Father's mansion, for those who will appreciate that care and take care of others there. After "one life" then resurrection to Judgement Day then eternity). God bless you.
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