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Talib Kweli – Earning Potential lyrics

Ya, they said I need to change my name
Who the fuck you think you are, brand new being
Now they only playing the famous
Saying that they knew me then
I walk through the flood, see the direction that I'm moving in
Step into the blood, my soul is red like louis vuittons
Know I can choose to be the deepest rapper on right punch
Live back to after the cheaper life, will have to reach the masses
But now they wishing that they peek the faster
Ain't wanna admit it, but they had to concede it
So I'ma conceded...
The flow is covered in leather euros color glass
Many degrees to this rapping but I can be the master
Try to describe it anyone on the superlative
This the real what you hear on the radio, alternative
They guessing what I'm making, but they ask to make conservate
Cause boy you see how pure it is

I earned what I said I would it
And got it the way they said I couldn't
Fuck that, we're kicking down the door to get afforded
Fuck that, we're kicking down the door to get afforded
Fuck that, we're kicking down the door to get afforded
To get afforded, yeah, to get afforded, to get afforded

They told me I ain't got a chance to be a rapper, might as well just hit
The books
And everytime I went to a show a shows I had these people give me looks
Now they watchin while I'm doin it, they pussy smell the uterus
You haters keep on hating, it ain't nothing cause I'm used to it
Seem me as a young and eager just to get a chance
Writing in the lab with no one believed I could make a jam
But now I got my fans in the stands with there hand side
They worry bout my morals that I follow and what I stand by
They say I'm nothing new, I ain't got shit to say
Sit back and I'll change the world, you're in a different age
I burst your bubble, your sttruggle, double da trouble
And dissin with no rebuttle from me laughin from another country
It ain't about tons of money, I'm here to open mines
They close the door on me so I guess I'll open mine.

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