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Taking Back Sunday – Makedamnsure lyrics

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    The way I see it, the girl doesn't really like the guy, but he really wants her, and I'm pretty sure he rapes her. That explains the "Scissor shaped across the bed, you are red, violent red" with the red referring to her blood. "And we lay, we lay together just not too close, too close (How close is close enough?)" is sugeesting one of them really doesn't want to be there with the other.
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  • u
    I believe this song is actually about the slightly sadistic shapes love can take. The way I see it is the couple starts to fight and that eludes to "You've go this new head filled up with smoke." - which can signify anger, as well as the line "I've got my vein's all tangled close." Showing that the other person (most likely the guy given that the song is sang by a guy) is also angry. The lyrics seem like they are fighting such as "We lay together, but just not too close, too close" They are still together but there is a lot of tension between them which creates a wall because they are always fighting. So I think that they line "I just wanna break you down so badly" is him saying that he wants to crush her in a way no one else can because he knows everything she doesn't want other people to know that also shows in the line "A long night spent with your most obvious weakness." She know that he knows all her flaws that she had showed him when they we're still madly in love at the start of it all.
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    The way I see it is not in a bad way at all it's just that she is something he has never had in his life and now that he has her he doesn't want to loose her and yeah maybe s** too the way that she is everything he is not what if his life was a messed up land she came in and made it all better and now he doesn't want to lose her.
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