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Tae Yang – I Need A Girl lyrics

I'm tired of being alone
Sick of being single
I think I need a girl
I need a girl like

Saenggak eopneun maltu
Eorein aedeul malgu
Nal gamssa.ana jul
Shim shim handdae gaggeum
Noneun yeoja malgu naman saranghaejul

Gamanisseodo namjanomdeul
Jeonhwagil naemiljiman
Jarangseureopgae nae sajineul
Kkeonaebo Ineun georeun girl

Girl, I need a girl
Mweolhaedo eeppeun
Mommaedo eeppeun

Girl, I need a girl
Baby, I need you
Girl, you need me, too

Chimaboda chungbajiga deo jal eo.oolineun geureon yeoja
Kimchi bokkeumbapeun naega jal mandeul eo
Daeshin jal meogeul su itneun yeoja manado eoryeobo.I.neun yeoja
Nan geureon yeojaga jodeora
(Know what I mean)

Bukkeureo.oon cheok hamyeonseodo
Dangdol halju aneun girl
Pyungso.aen joshinhan cheokhaedo gatchi isseumyeon
Hmm, y'all know what I'm talking about

Girl, I need a girl
Mweolhaedo eeppeun
Mom.maedo eeppeun
Girl, I need a girl
Nan eereon yeojaga jodeora

Waemoneun not issue but meoseul aneun gwiyeo.oon girl
Chwimineun dallado chwihyangeun gatae
Younghwana eumakeul bol ddaemyeon mali tonghaneun girl

(Yes! ) I love girls, girls I do adore
Sarangdeul apaesun jijo.itgae nolayo
Nae apaesun aing nan mollayo

Achimae nal kkae.ooneun moksori
(Morning Kiss) Harureul shijak.hagoshipeo(I want it all)
Bamaeneun ni mureupae gidae
Jajanggareul deuleumyeo ni kkoom kkugoshipeo

Dashi nae gaseumeul ddwigae haejweo
Dashi dalkomhan norael mandeulgae hajweo

You know don't need no more
Danji geureongae anya nae mameul jugo shipeun saram

Girl, I need a girl
Girl like you, gotta make you're mine
I'm treat you right, baby

Girl, I need a girl
Mweolhaedo eeppeun
Mommaedo eeppeun
Girl, I need a girl
Baby, I need you
Girl, you need me, too

Girl, I need a girl
Girl, I need a girl

Girl, nae maleul deudgo itni
Baby, I need you
Girl, you need me, too

Girl, I need a girl

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Submitted byllyeah
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  • u
    The song tells us what kind of girl do the person likes, want or even what should be his girl. The song is very good that I almost memorize its lyrics. Its awesome and I like the lyrics as well. Its very unusual that a song contains a very pleasant meaning that boys can relate and girls can relate too. This song is very meaningful that many girls fell for it, I mean fall in love with the song rather. I know its a Korean rnb song but English sub helps me to understand the song very well and it makes me so loved. I Think that's all I can say. I really love this song period.
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