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Sword – Maiden, Mother & Crone lyrics

The maiden sitting by her pool
Was first to hear my pleas
As she gazed into the water
She recited these words to me:

Walk not down that road
I can not tell you where it goes
Ask me no more questions
Some things you weren't meant to know

The mother toiling in the fields
Her apron full of seeds
She dropped them to the earth
As she recited these words to me:

Walk not down that road
I can not tell you where it goes
Ask me no more questions
Some things you weren't meant to know
The greater mysteries
Cannot be shown
Divided by three
The are the maiden, the mother, the crone

Finally I found the crone
Walking through the trees
She looked in my eyes
As she recited these words to me:

Go before the maiden
Fall down to your knees
Should you win her favor
She may tell you what she sees
The harvest is reaped
Seeds are shown
Multiplied by three
She is the maiden, the mother, the crone

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    In general terms a trinitarian goddess is a common feature of a number of mythologies including the somewhat New-Age hokey universal mother goddess of neopaganism and some branches of Wicca. Examples include the Greek Moirai (the fates) and Graeae (the grey ones, the Stygian witches), the Irish Morrigan, the Etruscan Uni, etc.

    The female trinity depicted here in The Sword's song is along Greek lines with a maiden (frequently identified as Persephone, the consort of Hades, also called "Kore" which is Greek for "the maiden") whose temple was beside the spring of Callichorus (the pool of the song's first line). The second figure is Demeter the mother of Persephone and a vegetation goddess responsible for agricultural success. She sows seeds from her apron, a traditional depiction of Demeter. Finally the crone of the Greek tradition, Hecate, whose domain is wisdom is approached. She advises the song's speaker to return to the maiden and pay her homage and gain her favor. As a result, the cycle of life continues and the divided goddess is multiplied--a dual image of rebirth and reproduction.

    It's lyrics like this and the small, subtle ways in which they speak to a deep knowledge of mythology that really set The Sword apart.
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    Every time I hear this song, the image of the ancient Celtic faith. As a Souls series fan, The Sword are probably the band I see most when thinking of those games. Especially "Tres Brujas." The swords imagery and sould are reminiscent of 70's metal, but with a spacier vibe. When I see Slave's album with the massive space stadium, I also think of some of The Sword's song lyrics. I know they are two different bands, but the old scifi artwork never gets old, and neither does The Sword.
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    The whole song is a reference to "Game of Thrones". The Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone are 3 of the 7 "new" gods of Westeros. If the title weren't enough of a hint, this song follows "To Take The Black" on the album, which is also a blatant reference to "Game of Thrones". J.D.
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