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A sword of fire and an axe of cold
Vision of the Sibyl has foretold
Armies gather on the battle-plain
All will fall and earth will die in flame

Here on the battle-plain
We will die in flame

In falcon's feathers soaring overhead
Choosing warriors among the dead
Twilight written in the runes of crones
Freya weeps upon her golden throne

Upon her golden throne
We wait for her alone
Call us unto you hall
Take us into your thrall

The battle rages, but they fight in vain
When all is done it must begin again

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    UnregisteredApr 5, 2012 at 4:30 pm
    Freya is a norse goddess... The song speaks about the valkyries gathering dead warriars for the eternal battle in valhalla. The soldiers are split up and battle each other... Then return to the great hall and feast. They then go out and do it again the next day. Freya leads one of those armies.
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    UnregisteredSep 12, 2014 at 5:45 pm
    Freya is a Norse Goddess more specifically the Whore Moon Goddess, which also has been known as Semiramis, Diana, Isis, etc. The first line is a reference to the duality of the Sun/Moon dynamic; The Sun being the Sword of Fire and the Moon being an Axe of Cold for obvious reasons.

    It is true that the Valkyries gather dead warriors, half of them to be exact while Freya gets the other half, it should be noted further that the Valkyries are the Norse equivalent of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and symbolize the flame. Which explains the next line which states that the entire Earth will die in flame.

    The next verse refers to the falcon which is also associated with Freya; as the myth goes Freya had falcon plumes which she possessed that she could give to someone and they would shape-shift into a falcon; then as the falcon she chooses her half of the dead warriors for the eternal battle in Valhalla.

    The next two line I am struggling to decode but I do know that runes are a type of stone associated with mysticism and crones is a reference to the ancient Greek god Chronos who was the personification of both the planet Saturn and Time. It is from his name that we get the term Chronological which is organizing something in a logical order respectful of time.

    This personification of Saturn which is also know as "El" would later be applied to the Norse God Odin. It is also worth noting that the word Saturn comes from the latin word "Sathan" which means adversary and is also the etymology of the term Satan. Now follow this...Lucifier who is "Sathan" the adversary and personification of the planet Saturn (El), was an ang-EL, who fe-EL into he-EL where he became the dev-EL and is widely regarded as ev-EL. Keep this in mind as I bring it all together at the end.

    The next two lines are referencing Freya on her throne and the warriors waiting for her; but final four lines are probably the most important of the entire song, at least in terms of understanding the song and the story being told.

    "Call us into your hall", means to call us to Valhalla; Valhalla is not the Norse representation of Heaven. Valhalla is Valh-EL-la; which means the realm of EL or Saturn. The next line states "take us into your thrall". A thrall was a serf or slave in the Ancient Scandinavian societies, and today the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a thrall as either "a person in moral or mental servitude" or "a state of servitude or submission". To take us into your thrall would be to make us your slaves, in this particular case the slaves of endless war. "The battle rages, but they fight in vain; when all is done they must begin again." Because they have been brought to the realm of El or Valh-El-la they must be adversaries to one another; but Saturn is also the God of Time or more specifically the God of the Time Loop, which is why their battles are in vain for it will loop back around to begin again. It is because of this time loop that Saturn is associated with the number 8 because turned sideways it is the symbol of infinity or the time loop which is often depicted as the ouro boros, which is the snake eating itself.

    One last important note to make is that Freya and Odin's wife Frigg are actually the same deity. Which implies Freya is Odin's wife and that her and the Valkyries are working together in order to stage this eternal war. Sure, you can say that Freya and Odin are polar opposites. But the Earth has two polar opposite points as well, but still remains the same singular planet.

    Now just tell me if this sounds familiar at all, two factions who claim to be against each other. Who recruit the population to argue and fight each other, but no matter who seizes the upper-hand the endless war continues.

    Interestingly, what is the symbol of the Republican Party in America? Of course it is the EL-ephant; and the symbol of the Democrats the Donkey of course! Which is a specific type of (W)horse. With all that said I do love this song and The Sword puts on a fantastic live performance.

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