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Swateezy – My Youngins lyrics

Feat. Apollo and kj

[Apollo - Verse 1]
Just a young nigga from a hard city trynna make it
But the devil on my back and best believe he trynna take it
Now picture me bitching out falling to my knees
Nuffsaid novagang all about he creez
Get money wit my niggas we the money team
Started with a passion then it turned into a fuckin dream
Started from the bottom now we here nigga what it seem
On our way to the cash all about the cream
My mother my brother my sister we gon all eat because you talkin to a king while you bitches at my feet
Bitches love me cuz they say I make they legs weak, I'm on fire lebron James I got that heat
Mobbing wit my young niggas and they down to ride
Fuckin wit my team yea nigga that's a suicide
Livin in a cold world where it do or die
I'm here to show the fuckin difference between you and I

[Apollo - Chorus]
I hit licks with my youngins
I flip tricks with my youngins
Nigga I'm runnin shit with my youngins
Aint nobody fuckin with my youngins

[Swateezy - Verse 2]
When I prayed for change they thru money at me
Then dimes followed, my mind followed
Got sucked in the trap of the love for the heartless
Became thoughtless, but I fought this with caution
With no thoughts in track, but I brought it back
To an elevation elevated on top of that
Now the view in the panamera panameric
Who that? Yeah they stare quick
Embarressed, moments charished, with some real friends to share this
Fuck what you say then leave my baby's in ya mouth like a carriage
Uhhhh I'm sicker then a virus, everything you put on you make up like a stylist
I'm like Lebron its my time jordan like mike is
I'm righteous all these other rappers get left when I write this


[Kj - Verse 3]
Youngin a young nigga myself back to the wall I aint got shit left standn to my right is a angel in the flesh an I hearem sayin getem young niggas were ya at
He say getem an we gotem to the bone to the flesh put you to the test with the biceps triceps it aint nun left I'm feelin greater than most of you niggas thank but fuck you opininon cuz the fact is I'm the motherfuckin shit to the grind to the grit slip shit is you ridin is you with feelin like dwade strait heat can you feel them slip niggas we da illest
Nova gang cloud nine is the same thang my youngins ready to eat that's why we maintain we flip tracks an beats to zippers of trees an mary jane is our main squeeze my youngins

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