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Superior – Fallen lyrics

Still feel you near
When your eyes are stabbin' me

No need to read the signs-
Wonґt foresee who I am

I made my choice
Officially now love is dead and gone
And threatening shadows dancin'
To guide me my way

One more time
We meet grace to die
Tonight we leave

And a million mysteries unfold
Their wings to demon skies
-When Iґm down-
To announce Iґm fallen
Million mysteries unleash
Their blackness in my head-
And Iґm down - and Iґm down...

Wonґt sail with you
On a dream now sunken deep away
Eternal flames of magic
Were frozen in their past

I lift my gaze
To a moving sky above me
And there I face my angels
Of doom once again

One more time
We meet grace to die
Tonight we end

And right now your are here
And now you are down to follow

'Cause it's me
Who came down to take your ease,

(To) steal the beauty of your heart
Now Iґm here
And Iґm down to follow you
Right through heaven into hell-
Stole your love to kill myself
And Iґm down
Now Iґm down

"You and I-
A tale far behind us
The heaviest cross
I've ever made"

"Here you sit
You're breakinґme slowly
To dance on a thin line
Along the ocean of your soul"

You're inside,
Forever on my mind-
No reason to forsake you here,
To end before we start
But I will close my heart
My angels call again
And real is different don't you know,
No place for love -
No chance for you and I

You're inside,
You're on my mind
Without end

But I won't...
Just let them call
And I know the place where love is real

Turn away
Can't you stay
Donґt you see
I'm not free
Iґm not free
Life is chaining me
Love is chaining me

Leave my life
How can I leave
Donґt come back
I'll never
Fly away
Not to fall down with me
Cause you fall down with me

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