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Superchick – Stand In The Rain lyrics

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    I think its about someone who was like me they want to speak about whats been hurting them but they're afraid about what will happen so instead she's making herself busy to try to forget. It never works and on some days they feel its hopeless so they want to end it right there and then. This song encourages them to stand up for themselves. Stand in the rain and stand your group because if they don't their world will seem to be crashing down so if they stand their ground and search to be found they can find ways to help their situations.
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    This song fits the characters of mayor regina mills/evil queen, mary margaret blanchard/snow white, and of emma swan on once upon a time.
    Ouat (once upon a time) is an abc tv series on sunday nights at 8pm, great show but really hard to explain, 1st season's finale is mother's day (3 days from now) so, if you watch it, great! If not. Too bad, you may have to catch up a bit though, it won't make any sense if you jump in now. : d
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    For me it's my daughter. Beautiful and intelligent. Bad decisions, bad relationships with bad me and backstabbing friendships took their toll. Was very anti-drug. Got strung out on hydros. Said they didn't do much for the physical pain but deadened her emotionally. Off the hydros now but on methadone. Diagnosed as bipolar I, ptsd, & anxiety disorder. On enough med to kill a horse. Still won't cry bc she is afraid of facing & dealing with all the pain inside. She was once strong but now lives trapped in a prision. Her own mind. I cried like a baby when I heard this song. I pray she will find god and gain the strength to be who she once was and who I know she can be again if she would jus let go of the pain.
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    Sometimes people just don't know where to go. And some don't have the "pleasure" of being a notorious christian. People get lost in life and at times they give up. This song shows a girl or young woman with the battles of growing up. It shows the conflictions that every person experiences at one point or another. If you have never felt lost or hopeless then you are inhuman. Everyone suffers a loss or somthing of the sort. Everyone goes through some sort of thing that this song describes and not everyone can make it out. In a way its sort oof survival of the strongest when it comes to the new stresses of today. You have to learn to be tough and learn to tough it out. If you can't then well, that's why we have suicide rates.
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    I think that the lyrics to this song mean more than the eye can see.
    I think that Its more of being by yourself you let it all out weather it be self-inflicted pain or anything else, but the results are that you have to pull through it but you can't do it by yourself and that you need to pull through with help from God, because he will never give you more than you can handle if you let him in to help you. He will be the one to help you stand when it feels like nothing is going right or when everything is going downhill, or as they word it- when its all crashing down. And you don't know where to tun to. God is the answer.
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