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[Eunhyuk] Hanbeon dubeon sebeon myeot ppeonui manname
Nan nege FEEL I kkochyeosseo.
Geunyeo-ui nunbittto naegero eoneusae nan
Biteu-e rideume momeul shireo namjadapkke okay~
Modeun junbineun kkeunnasseo ja, one two three Let's Go

[Sungmin] Uri oneul bam party haeyo
Geudae wihae meotjjin bameul mandeulgeyo
Imi uri seoro feel I tonghaetttaneun geoseul
Aneunde mweol geuraeyo
[Yesung] Hyanggi naneun chotppuldo satkkuyo
Nae bang gadeuk chae-ul pungseondo sasseoyo
Je-il goreugi himdeureottteon geon oneul bam ibeul pajama

[Leeteuk/All] Pajama ipkko pajama ipkko
Uri oneul bam meotjjin patireul haeyo
Uri duri shinnage norayo.
[Kangin/All] Yeonghwacheoreomyo begae ssa-umdo haeyo
Nuncheoreom hayan begaetssok sesang uri duri shinnage jeulgyeoyo

[Shindong] Oraenmane cheongsodi jeongmal oraenmane ppallaedo
Ipssul teojidorok pungseondo jeongshineopshi bappeun on jongil...
Shijange gaseo jang bogo tto yorido
Jikjjeop haebogo eojjeom hokshi sarangi? Neomunado haengbokae ~!

[Kangin] Honja saneun nae bang eotteongayo
Naega jikjjeop mandeun jeonyeogeun eottaeyo?
[Sungmin] Geudae oneulbam deo yeppeuneyo teuki geudae-ui PAJAMA

[Yesung/All] Pajama ipkko pajama ipkko
Uri oneul bam meotjjin patireul haeyo
Uri duri shinnage norayo
[Leeteuk/All] Sopa wi-eseo chimdae wi-eseo uri ttwi-eoyo
Eorin aecheoreom magu haneul nopi ttwi-eoyo shinnage

[Yesung] Geureodaga jichimyeon gwaeni bunwigi japyeo
Hokshi eongkeumhan saenggak seuljjeok deuljido molla woah!

[Eunhyuk] Geokjjeongeun jeogi beorigo
Geudae ape naesarang sunsuhajyo algetjjyo?
Ije dashi ttwi-eoyo deo nopi ~

[All] Pajama ipkko pajama ipkko
Uri oneul bam meotjjin patireul haeyo
Uri duri shinnage norayo
Meotjjin eumakkkwa hayan syampe-in
Geudae hyanggiwa geudae haengbokan euseum

[Shindong] Sesang gajang haengbokan geudaewa jigeum isungan

[All] Pajama! (Yesung: Pajama! ) Pajama Party!
Shinnage (Yesung: Ooh ooh) norayo uri
Uri duri shinnage (Yesung: Shinnage norayo) norayo (Yesung: Woaho! )
Pajama! (Yesung: Ooohoohoohoo) Pajama Party!
Oneul bam meotjjin patireul haeyo
Achimi ol ttaekkaji geudaewa
[Yesung] Aju orae geudaewa yeongweonhi

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  • m
    mariemetafineMay 7, 2011 at 10:16 am

    eh=once,twice,three times,how many times have we met
    i was struck through the heart with your feelings
    the way she looked at me
    all of sudden the beat and rhythm flowed through my body,like a man now, OKAY
    all the preparations are now done,ok
    one,two,three, lets go!

    sm=lets have a party together tonight
    because i want to make this a memorable night for her
    we know we’ve already exchanged that feel
    so why are you acting so stiff~no need to be

    ys=for scent,i bought candles,of course
    i also bought balloons to fill my entire room
    the hardest for me to select was the PAJAMAS
    i wanted to wear tonight

    [et+all]=wearing our pajamas~wearing our pajamas
    tonight together~lets throw an awesome party together
    just the 2 of us~with much energy~lets play!

    [ki+all]=like they do in movies~lets also have a pillow fight
    like the color of snow~inside a white pillow world~with much energy lets~enjoy ourselves

    sd=its been a really long time since ive cleaned or done the laundry
    but i spent the whole hetic day doing them,along with blowing balloons until my mouth felt like it was going to burst
    going to the grocery store with a list and even cooking
    i tried it myself,perhaps this is the effect of love
    im too happy for words!!

    ki=how do you like the room i live in?
    how is the handmade dinner i handmade for you?

    sm=she looks even prettier by night time especially in her pajama

    [ys+all]=wearing our pajamas~wearing our pajamas
    tonight together~
    tonights let have a dandy little party
    lets have alot of fun with just the 2 of us
    up on the sofa,up on the cough,lets jump around
    like little kids,lets harness ourselves to the sky above and jump with excitement

    ys=afterwards when we get tired,it’d be time for me to capture the mood
    there maybe even some sly thoughts that sneak in~ WHOA!

    eh=toss your worries away
    in front of her,my love is pure,she probably knows right?
    now my heart is starting to race~even higher

    [ys+all]=wearing our pajamas~wearing our pajamas
    tonight together~lets throw an awesome party together
    just the 2 of us
    with wonderful music,and white champagne
    her perfume,her happy laughs

    sd=it feels like im spending the happiest momment with her in this world

    lets play with all our energy
    just the 2 of us,lets play!
    tonight let us have a dandy party together
    with her until the morning arrives

    ys=together with her forever
  • U
    UnregisteredFeb 3, 2012 at 2:01 pm
    Nice song, and the music make a simile in my face.
    If i sad i listen this music and i can smile...
    I so like super junior...

    And i so like siwon,kyu hyun , leeteuk,sung min, & hee chul
  • m
    MiNnA14May 20, 2011 at 6:08 am
  • m
    MiNnA14May 20, 2011 at 6:02 am
    so cute and adorable yesung oppa si .love him^_^. super junior(suju) rocks my world the best boy group in the world.wish u all the best and congrats to your new single bonamana so catchy to listen to.I LOVE SUJU ,ELF FOREVER!!!

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