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Super Junior – My Love, My Kiss, My Heart lyrics

[Ryeowook]Haruga illyeon gata gyesok naeryeoantneun nae gaseumi ne heunjeongman
Chatgo isseunikka myeot iljjae
[Yesung]Moraeal gata bap han sutgal eokjiro samkyeobwado neo eomneun haruneun
Meomchwoisseo jigeum idaero

[All]My Love, My Kiss, My Heart
[Kyuhyun]Modu mudeodulge gaseumsok gipeun got Yeah~
[Yesung]One Love, One Kiss, To My Heart
[Ryeowook]Modu ijeobolge modu da jiulge

[Kyuhyun]Ullyeodaeneun simjangsori geojitmal gata I apeumdo ssitgyeojin beonjin
Geulssicheoreom neowa nan heuryeojyeosseo jiwojyeosseo

[Yesung]Sesangeun geudaeronde dulleobomyeon neoman nae gyeote eomneungeol
[Ryeowook]Neoreul irheun geol jeonbu irheun geol
[Kyuhyun]doedollil sudo eomneungeol Yeah~

[All]My Love, My Kiss ([Ryeowook]My Kiss), My Heart
Modu mudeodulge ([Yesung]mudeodulge) gaseumsok gipeun got Yeah~ ([Yesung]gaseumsok gipeun got Yeah~)
[Kyuhyun]One Love, One Kiss, To My Heart
[Ryeowook]Modu ijeobolge modu da jiulge Yeah~

[Kyuhyun]Kkaejyeobeorin jogakgateun chueokdeulman bakhyeo inneun geot gata
[Ryeowook]Nae simjang gipi nae simjang gipi nae simjang gipi gipeun gose Oh- Oh-
[Yesung]Nunmullo beombeogi doen ne eolgulman areungeorimyeo maemdolgo isseo
Maemdolgo isseo nae modeungeol gajyeogan neo

[Kyuhyun]Last Love ([Kyuhyun]Love), Last Kiss([Kyuhyun]Kiss), Last Dream([Kyuhyun]Dream]
Neoreul aneun gaseumi([Kyuhyun]gaseumi)
[Kyuhyun+Yesung]neomaneul gieokhae ([Yesung]neomaneul gieokhae)
Goodbye ([Kyuhyun]Goodbye) My Love ([Kyuhyun]My Love) My Kiss ([Kyuhyun]My Kiss)
[Yesung+Ryewook]Meomchwo isseul geot gata ([Kyuhyun]gata) neo eobsi idaero Wow~([Yesung]idaero)
[All]My Love ([Ryeowook]My Love), My Kiss, My Heart ([Ryeowook]Kiss Of My Heart)
[Yesung]Modu mudeodulge ([Kyuhyun]mudeodulge) gaseumsok gipeun got Yeah~ ([Ryeowook]You're My Love)
One Love ([Kyuhyun]One Love), One Kiss([Kyuhyun]One Kiss, To My Heart
[Yesung+Ryeowook]Modu ijeobolge ([Kyuhyun]ijeobolge) modu da jiulge Yeah~

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  • andintheclear
    This is entirely different from any previous kry song they've released (they have drums in the background! ♥) and to be honest could have been suitable for the entire group; there were a few other numbers on their new album that sounded more like a kry song than this. But regardless, they sang it flawlessly, and it's absolutely heartwrenching, especially the subdued adlibs and the medley of their voices in the chorus. ;;
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