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Suicidal Tendencies – Institutionalized lyrics

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    It's obvious what the meaning is. It is the same as what is wrong with the world today.
    Everyone thinks they are normal and everyone else needs help. Parents, as well as the general public are usually really quick to judge others, when, instead of judging others they really should be taking a good look in the mirror.
    Don't push your help on others. The only one that "you" should be worried about is "you". If others don't think or act the way you think and act doesn't mean they need to be fixed, or that they are on drugs. The world needs more than one type of person.
    Mike, your not crazy! You can have a pepsi if you want, and yes, you figure out you. You don't have to let others brainwash you into not thinking for yourself.
    The true crazies are the ones that think they are normal.
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    Most people are always looking for someone that is like them. If you aren't, then they either don't like you, or say you're weird-which only means. Different. I personally wouldn't enjoy living in a world where everyone is the same. But that's how it really is in this world. That's why kids pick on other kids in school, bully them, etc. Just because they aren't the same. Instead of embracing others individuality, we shun it. I love being me. Tried being what everyone else wanted me to be, and even tried being like someone else, but it never felt right inside. I felt I didn't fit in my entire life. Even now. Always misunderstood. But I don't care anymore. Ya hear, I don't care! I love me and I love everyone that dares to be who they truly are-Unique. So no, don't need no religion to tell me who I should be, and how rotten I am, don't need no doctor to tell me I need some pill that's going to help me feel "normal", and I don't anyone but a friend that truly loves and accepts me Just the way I am. I don't need a Pepsi either, but I'll certainly get you one if you like.
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    Why do you all try so hard to figure this out? It's like, he just wanted a pepsi! That's it! The song is about pepsi you crazies! Why are you all so yellow? Why is your shirt blue in a field of daffodils with white pansies? I'm not crazy, I just wanted a pepsi!
    Truly though, I'm inclined to believe that this song is about the way modern society treats the mentally ill. Seems like he had a mother that always thought he was crazy because he liked things that she didn't understand.
    Also, he just wanted a pepsi.
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