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Suffocation – Demise Of The Clone lyrics

Damn the forgotten seeds
Inbred as a slave to habitual needs
Souls consumed.
Denied a response from a lifeless tomb

Precious births
Destruct to a plauge that infects the earth
Now regret the spawn unnurtured
And feared to be dead by dawn

Curse the consumed, born a salve
Reformed a distorted spawn of a masochist
Deformities cripple and mold
So you breathe but don't exist
Internally decompose,
Skin erodes and exposes the skeletons
Damn the genes incestuously cloned
To prey upon the innocent.

Impotent, world demise
Incarnate sacrifice
Feeble breed disposed in a world disowned
Demise of the Clone

Genocidal fate I impose, will reign upon you
Those who mourn fear for their own,
Mentally enslaved and subdued
Landlords of the killing feilds,
Reuse plots of the decomposed
Tombstones don't identify,
A graveyard of the dormant souls

Mass catacombs, putrefied lie beneath
The uncivilized, disturbed and the weak
Under tyrants rule
You cripple all under one throne of bones
Demise of the clone

Limitless, fiend to numb lets you breath but don't exist

Labeled invalid your thoughts are consumed.
Disposed, distorted, reformed a pawn
In the face of doom.

Internally decompose, skeletal image protrudes
As your skin erodes

Die succumb to the fate of your own
Demise of the clone

Insolent fool weak and retooled
Born to society's mold
Disrupting the order put in place what a dismal disgrace
Besiege the innocent
Reduced to ashes a clone reborn
From the face of doom consume
Impotent, world demise
Incarnate sacrifice
Feeble breed disposed in a world disowned
Demise of the Clone

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