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Streetlight Manifesto – We Will Fall Together lyrics

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    It's basically refering to two opposing view points, whether they be the band's vs society's or religious tradition vs secular modernism, on death, afterlife, etc. On one side, you can spend your whole life being "safe" so as to ensure a rewarding afterlife (which is logical if you truly believe you only live once and then the "afterlife" is the rest of eternity), but on the other hand you can live a rich life full of risks and experiences but then st. Peter might not let you through the pearly gates.
    The way the band portrays these two viewpoints, it's as if they are the ones living the "rich, fulfilling, yet risky lives" and they are observing others waste their time here on earth. The pre-chorus is meant to be a sarcastic, yet lighthearted response to christian beliefs saying that because they've enjoyed their lives, they're going to hell or perhaps a purgatory-like state when in fact they believe that when people stop following these outdated dogmas, they will no longer be victims to religion and invaribly be "free".
    The chorus (and when we fall.) is meant purely to be a sarcastic retort to christianity saying that when they "fall" from god's good graces, they will be strong enough to catch themselves. And by "roam", they mean roaming hell or purgatory or whatever you believe happens to sinners, but in their case, they see it as like "we've roamed all our lives, so we can roam for the rest of eternity".
    The final verse is sort of a call to listeners. Pick a side. They use the phrase "line drawn in the wet sand" as another use of sarcasm implying the capricious nature of the stand-off. The final lines imply that the people chose to side with religion and now they are trying to seek out the band and make them pay. Finally, the singer sarcastically wonders out loud how they will ever win when they only have "logic and love".
    It's quite well written if you ask me.
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    Don't waste your time. You only live once. We don't know too much about the afterlife. Can't count on god or anyone else to 'save' us. We 'roamed all our lives' so we can continue to roam, we have that power even after we're dead: we can face what ever comes after life.
    I don't know all the biblical reasons for this song but I think this is what it means on simple terms.
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