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Stone Temple Pilots – Dead And Bloated lyrics

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    I sit here and read theses lyrics over and over again. I get several things from it, however the one thing that keeps popping back in my head is drug use and or a drug deal gone wrong. Meaning that the woman in the song is a dealer and she is telling the boy that he is old enough to use drugs. "you can't swallow what i'm thinking" I would think means that someone (either you the listener or the woman) doesn't believe what is being told or doesn't believe an excuse.
    "when she peeks i start to run" meaning she's looking or perhaps has caught him (maybe stealing) and if he was stealing then "i run through the world thinking about tomorrow" would possiblly mean that he don't know what will happen to him next. "i smell like a rose on my birthday death bed" could be taken as if he is already dead and telling us the listeners the story of what happend.
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    Sum girl says he's come of age that means he is a man if you catch my drift. He's afraid and he starts to run so she can't touch him. He's thinking of suicide to escape drowns himself his body is found dead and bloated for a body bloats after so long in the water. He smells like a rose left on his death bed. Rose patch by the watch or on the casket?
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