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Stone Sour – Through Glass lyrics

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  • b
    I personally believe its actually simpler than that, I may be wrong but I take it as being looked at as a celebrity "through glass" being a camera lense only seeing what youre told you see, and being told that youre supposed to be interesting and act a certain way because that's who you are to people. When really he wants to be seen as himself and not as the person that the camera says he is. Hince the phrase "how do you feel, that is the question, but I forget you dont expect an easy answer" I think Corey believes that Hollywood wants you to be who the camera glass and the people behind it tell you to be, not yourself.
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  • q
    I've got a husband who is sentanced to 216 years in prison, to me, this song represents the future he, or we don't have. As much as we dreamt about how our lives would be lived, the fact is, there isn't any more future. All we have is our memories, and no matter if the memorie is good or bad - there isn't any more "us" we live our love in our heads.
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  • h
    This song is hard to figure it out. I don't agree with any of the meanings I've read soo far. But I can't come up with my own. It is a complicated song and I've though about it for hours, days even. My general idea though would be that he is singing to a person that has been on the outside of society for a long time: "I'm looking at you through the glass. Don't know how much time has passed." I think the glass is symbolic for socal boundries. "How do you feel? That is the question. But I forget you don't expect an easy awnser." I think from this, said person is going trough a hard time so they are isolating themselves from other people. "sitting all alone inside your head." This line also supports the isolation theory and how the person is thinking about their problem.
    That's all I have so far. If anyone can build on it, that would be nice.
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  • u
    I've always thought it meant knowing others are looking at you through a window you see as a mirror inside a exam room of a mental institution. How Do you feel?. That is the question. But I forget you don't expect an easy answer. This feels like the doctor asking and you can't just say "I'm fine". So while you're outside looking in. Describing what you see. Remember what you're staring at is me. Like your saying don't forget I am a Human, not just another patient. Or possibly looking at yourself in the mirror and having an inner battle taking place that no one else can see but you. Just my thoughts.
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  • m
    Sometimes looking through the glass at someone you don't get the true meaning. We all need to just stop fighting and show who we really are. I don't realy even know who I am yet but one day I might figure it out. I'm laughing on the outside and dying on the inside, so no one knows who I am either. I'm fighting for what I love. And this song the part that says "im looking at you through the glass, dont know how much time has passed, all i know is that it feels like forever. And no one ever tells you that forever feels like home, sitting all alone inside your head" means that your being looked at from an angle that might not be real for you, and time passes so quickly well never be able to catch it. But then it feels like youre home and youre in your own head knowing what exactly I going on in your perpective. If somebody has a different opinion id like to here about it.
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