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Steppenwolf – Don't Step On The Grass, Sam lyrics

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    So we all know the government hates weed, but a bit of research is in order; who do you think holds the patent on medical maryjane? The government, that's who! And in holding the patent the benifits of marijuana are listed, loads and loads of benificial info on the treatment of a plethora of ailments. So, john kay, I salute you for your patriotic and civic minded foresight in this matter. Long live steppenwolf!
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    This song is about how the system (law enforcement and government) use their influence and power to keep marijuana illegal and obscure the truth behind what this 'noble weed' actually is. Further, Kay points out that they squander tax money on imprisoning people for smoking bud (you waste my coin Sam all you can, to jail my fellow man). Smoking herb is a victimless crime but it's portrayed as something 'evil, wicked, mean and nasty'. What a great song, it was relevant during the time it was written and still is today. Maybe our generation will finally learn how to overcome the lies and manipulation that have plagued the previous ones- we have waited long enough. Thank you Steppenwolf for writing this beautiful and truthful song.
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