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Spring Awakening
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Spring Awakening

Mama Who Bore Me lyrics

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Spring Awakening – Mama Who Bore Me lyrics

Mama, who bore me,
Mama, who gave me
No way to handle things,
Who made me so sad.
Mama, the weeping,
Mama, the angels
No sleep in heaven
Or bethlehem
Some pray that one day
Christ will come a callin
They light a candle
And hope that it glows
Some just lie there crying
For him to come and find them
But when he comes,
They don't know how to go
Mama, who bore me
Mama, who gave me
No way to handle things
Who made me so bad.
Mama, the weeping,
Mama, the angels,
No sleep in heaven,
Or bethlehem

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    This song is the opening to the award winning Broadway musical, Spring Awakening. It starts with Wendla Bergman standing in front of a mirror, examining her changing body, lamenting or whining, depending on who you ask.

    This song is all about the character, Wendla's, confusion. She is lamenting and whining her mother's choice to keep her ignorant about everything. She is very sheltered and just wants to experience something. Anything.

    At this point, she wants to know where babies come from, but later about love, the desires she doesn't understand, and what being beaten does to one's psychology. She just wants more than her sheltered existence.

    Additionally, Wendla is investigating and exploring her newly developed figure in front of a mirror. Her mother has never told her about what happens during puberty.

    This song is the first introduction we get not only to the character, Wendla, but to the show. Her mother does not understand her confusion, and believes that keeping Wendla in the dark is the way to keep Wendla from growing up. Unfortunately for Frau Bergman, Wendla is growing up, and will continue to do so, with or without the knowledge of what is happening while she does.
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