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Sponge Cola – Gemini lyrics

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    Nathaniel Flores
    I think this song is about getting started with a relationship. It basically tells us what happens AFTER the "and they lived happily ever after" of a fairy tale.

    A guy dreamed of a girl and even against all odds (if any), he eventually won the heart of the girl. Empty/lonely nights fades away and the girl he thought will be just a dream, becomes his. <The vacuous nights steps aside to give meaning to Gemini's dreaming>

    Because maybe it was his first time being on a relationship, he wants everything to be perfect <Let me know if I'm doing this right>. He wants everything to be just right, not too much, not too soft, but just enough. He doesn't want to do anything that could make their love fall apart <Let me know if my grip's too tight.> cause he loves her so much <Let me know if I can stay all of my life>.

    Because his love is so intense, he became curious of how much the girl loves him. He wanted to know when the girl starts loving him. Does she loves him from the very start? or just as when he confessed? <Let me know if dreams can come true. Let me know if this one's (pertaining to the dream) yours too>. His curiosity leads to realization of all the things the girl does for him <Cause I see it>. And that may be the answer to his question. <And I feel it right here. And I feel you right here>

    Note: This is on my perspective only. I've been there so I interpret it this way.
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