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Split Enz – Strait Old Line lyrics

(N Finn) - Conflicting Emotions

Don't look to the left, don't look to the right
just follow that strait old line...

This could be heaven, or this could be hell
Life could be falling down a bottomless well
I stumble to the left, I stumble to the right
I fumble for the switch, of a disconnected light
Stay with it, don't let temptation be your load
Stay with it, but there are bandits on the road

Don't look to the left, don't look to the right
Just follow that strait old line
Don't look to the left, don't look to the right
Just follow that strait old line

The road of ambition, it's a casualty trail
Press gangs wait to ambush
The weak and weary
(stay with it)
I had to explore the light and dark
to see the sharp and flat
There's a hundred or more good reasons
not to ever turn your back


[Neil:] Take it Eddie!

don't move!

['The women that loves you' spoon solo from Noel - the most
beautiful piece of music in the world!]

[Noel:] Don't look to the left, don't look to the right
just follow that strait old line.... wait for it!
[Tim:] That Crombie Man - this is for the children's children
not something that we did necessarily well just, this evening
but, well I, I was moved, I'm always moved by the sound of those
spoons, they're sort of, smooth, sort of
[Noel:] Best silverware for the night Tim, you would have note,
noted the quality ring. I'm sure the audience did.
(pick up on that???)
Stainless steel, it's ok but... sort of where it's at
[Tim:] He's talking! Ladies & Gentleman, I I don't know if you
appreciate what we just experienced, but oh my
[Noel:] I think it's your turn for a little
[Tim:] I don't know if you realise what just happened
[Noel:] Well Tim, I think it's your turn for a little story now
[Tim:] Well that Crombie man, he's just..
[?:] well anything could happen
[Noel:] You're getting, you're jumping in on top of me, no look
it's just not good enough
[Tim:] Excuse me, uh Noel....

[Noel:] They wouldn't like to hear it

[something about 'a break']

[Tim:] Sometimes you just have to wail and shout

[snippet of 'Wail'
(E Rayner)]

[Tim:] Here we go!
Thank you Neil, I do need calming down, I got a bit excited then
[Neil:] I think we left the stratosphere then
[Tim:] We did. Thank you
[Neil:] We were voyaging, Tim
[Tim:] You were...
[Neil:] You were voyaging
[Tim:] I was
[Neil:] you were off somewhere
[Tim:] Tah - I confess I was, I was off somewhere else, but, I'm back
thank you Neil for drawing me back
[Neil:] Thank you Eddie..
[Tim:] Thank you Eddie..
[Neil:] Thank you Noel..
[Tim:] Noel, thank you Noel..
[Neil:] Nigel
[Tim:] Thank you Nigel
[Neil:] Nigel Griggs, lady and gentlemen!
[Tim:] Nigel Griggs, over here
who havn't we mentioned? Paul Hester, from Wollongong
[Neil:] Paul Hester!.... that's pretty zany Paul
[Tim:] Thank you Paul, I love you
ladies and gentlemen, I'd love to do another one, here's a song
from the 'dizrythmia' album, 1977, Neil first joined the band,
Nigel first joined the band. and I'm happy to say they're both
with us tonight. And for all the guys, who didn't, get up on the
stage tonight and were part of Split Enz - thank you, thank you,
we mean it...

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