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Speirosmusic – War (My End) lyrics

Well, here we are, my loyal friend.
You’ll stand by me whilst comes my end.
The sniper hidden in the hill
Ripped through my stomach, bleeding still.

They told me what I fought for’s right.
I’ve trained all day, and many a night.
Devoted to my nation’s call,
But on this foreign land, I fall
War, yeah war,
I’m not playing anymore
War, yeah war,
I’m not playing anymore
I watched Jim lose his limb last week,
And Marty stabbed, they sliced his cheek.
And now my turn, I fall the same,
But permanently ends my game.

We trained together, you and I,
Privates trained while choppers fly.
Our martial combat, my lifes worth.
Eventuality, the earth
War, yeah war,
I’m not going anymore
Yeah war, yeah war
I’m not going anymore.
Tell Mum, and all the folks back home,
Some words, and make it in a poem.
Make them aware that my last breath
Was spoke of them, from life to death.

I’ve non forgotten their kind hearts,
Although at this moment it parts
From any physical pull on me,

For now I’ll lie still as a tree
War, yeah war,
I’m not fighting anymore
Yeah war, yeah war
I’m not fighting anymore.

I know they’ll lie a cloth on me,
And compensate my family,
But why’d I have to choose this way?
A lifetime lost, a grave to lay.

A million million mothers sons
All children, through the field he runs.
The freedom fleeting, gone from youth.
The world, a wicked twisted truth
War, yeah war,
I’m not going anymore.
Yeah war, yeah war,
I’m not going anymore.
I used to listen to the songs
Before the blasts and mess from bombs.
The houses burn, the people wail,
Another nightmare fairytale.

So I can say I’ll rest at last.
I’m sorry that this life has passed,
Yet now I’ll go where there’s no war,
I’ll think not of it, not any more
Ch x 2)

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