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Spandau Ballet – True lyrics

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    "take your seats and I'll write the next line" should read.
    "take your seaside arms and write the next line" It's a reference to a passage in Nabokof's Lolita where he describes her as having 'seaside limbs and ardent tongue' A girl he fancied loaned him the book and he put it in the song so she'd know it was about her. She didn't have a clue. Too vague Gary, perhaps you should have just told her.
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    True isn't about anything. It's just a mixmash of words to a great tune. They found the tune first and figured they would pull a fast one on the unsuspecting listeners, knowing they would forever be wondering wtf it's about, while all the time they're laughing their asses off. No matter though. It's the second track on the playlist I listen to every night when I go to bed. The first one is captain of her heart and the third one is your song.
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    It's about the dark dichotomy of a dream. The realization of a dream is also the death of a dream. This person has found the perfect soul mate, but just has to see if there is someone or something else out there that is better. There is not. But he/she looks anyway to no avail only to wind up right back where they started. This is human situation and no drug can cure it. We are all doomed to want more even if we have more than we could ever want.
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    "Dan Air" is spot on, and I further submit that the "pill on his tongue" is the "pleasure point" of his lady (at least that's what I believe in my overly symbolic/perverse mind). One of the most romantic songs - ever. Can't believe how young the Kemps are in this. Wise beyond their years at that point in time. Ah. The springtime of youth! Aloha!
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    This is a song which uses poetic verses in place of actual feelings. It's about a lover who knows thier in love with someone but doesn't want to act on it because they're either afraid of being rejected or that their feelings are unrequited, or they don't know how to say it. So they're thinking to themselves they wish they could see the future and know the outcome if they're to act on their feelings. 'with a thrill in my hand and a pill on my tongue. '- they have the nerve to say it but don't know how to say it, but wants the truth to be known. 'head over heals when toe to toe'-this is the effect of being close to the person with whom they're in love.
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