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Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows – The Encoded Cloister lyrics

(The mirror is the theatre
Where the autopsy begins)

Please, be so kind to leave this place
None of your kin(d) is wanted here
A dreadful tremor shakes these walls
Your presence vibrates violently
Over many years we've built
The utmost fragile atmosphere
We can't allow the uninvited
Visitor(s) to interfere
The balance here's most delicate
And our salvation, if you wish
Yes, our existence as a whole
Is depending on this sacred place

A silence, powerful and true
A minimum of what we seek
Pervading everything and all
It can be hered, can be percevied
This silence, you must understand
A quiet state of rest and calm
Is like a temple in itself
Keeps the secluded soul(s) from harm
It's gentle light is almost dark
A peaceful semble of the tomb
A certain chill's predominant
As most things here have ceased to move

Our lord is sleeping in his chambers
The centre of our sancutuary
He's not receiving anyone
He has not seen a soul in years
So long ago our lord's retired
From the affaires your world to show
We've never heared your name before
Our lord's not well, you have to go
Please, be so kind to leave this here
None of your kin(d) is wanted here
A dreadful termor shakes these walls
Your presence vibrates violently

Please, leave!

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