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Sonata Arctica – The End Of This Chapter lyrics

[Phone rings]
Well, well how are you?
Um.. Who is this?
Who do you think this is?
Stop it.. Who is this?
You know very well who I am..
You almost got away from me didn't you?
Oh my god.. You can't be.. You can't be
[French] oui, oui mon amour... C'est moi. "

[Chapter One]
I gave you my time
I gave you my whole life
I gave you my love, every dime
They told me it was a... Crime

Do you remember?
Or did it all go in vain...

[Chapter Two]
I looked in the light, I sat in your coalmine
The promise they made, I should keep?
Make sure that we would never meet

I can't remember
The promise I made so deep

Tell me that past times won't die...
Tell me that old lies are alive

[Chapter Three]
Across darkened skies, I traveled without a light
I sank in the well of my mind
Too deep, never to be found

I can't remember...
How could you be so vain...

Tell me that past times won't die...
Tell me that old lies are alive
Love that expired too long time ago
Kills me, it thrills me...

[Chapter Four]
You have new love and
It looks good on you
I have never wished you dead.... Yet.

You can now have all the things I could never give to you
Look out the window "c'est moi!"...

[Chapter Five]
I'm sorry, I am here
I'm not sure if it should bring you fear
I whisper in your ear
Why is he here?

[Chapter six]
While you are sleeping, I steal your ear ring
Light you one candle, this anger I handle

They said I won't find you, but now I'm beside you
I'm not all that stable
You should know by now that you are mine...

Tell me that past times won't die... Tell me that old lies are alive

I tell you that past times won't die...
I tell you that old lies are alive
Love due to expire too long time ago
Kills me, it will kill you... Too

Past times wont die.... I tell you old lies are alive
Hate due to expire too long time ago
It kills me it's killed me before

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