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[Tiffany] Ooh la-la! Ooh what a feeling
Ooh la-la! The clouds are smiling

[Taeyeon] Yetmal yetjok oni deulgwa gyemo ege mobshi goobak badon
[Yoona] Geunyo ireum ma eumdo momdo chakhan Cinderella!
[Sunny] Oneu nal bame moodohwe ijok jojok dani daga
[Seohyun] Wangjanim mana chotnooneh banhaeso sarangeh ppajyo boryotjyo
[Yuri] Joowireul deulrobwa

[Seohyun] Motjin wangjanim
[Jessica] Naneun gongjunim
[Seohyun/Jessica/Yoona] Modudeul oorireul chookha haeyo

[ALL] Ooh La-la! Naneun ajigeun orijiman
([Sooyoung] Geudaeye jonjaereul miduyo dan hanmyung ye namanye wangjimaneul)
Ooh La-la! Geudaemanye gongju dwelraeyo
([Hyoyeon/Jessica] Geudaeyege jal uh ooril nan gongju ga dwelrae)
Geurae Ooh La-la!

[Jessica] Ooh La-la!, ooh what a feeling

[Tiffany] Gieokhani hangsang one two, three two, four two jooreul machwo
[Sooyoung] Goro ganeun chakhan nanjaeng ideul gwa haengbokhan baek sol gongju
[Hyoyeon] Dok sawareul mogo jugeum gwa gateun gipeun jami deuldae
[Jessica] Baek ma tan wangja dalgom han kiseuro
Jamjineun gonjureul gaewo joo otjyo
[Hyoyeon] Joowireul deulrobwa

[Yoona] Motjin wangjamin
[Sunny] Naneun gongjunim
[Yoona/Sunny/Jessica] Modudeul oorireul chook ha haeyo

[ALL] Ooh La-la! Naneun ajikeun orjiman
([Taeyeon] Geudaeye jonjaereul miduyo dan han myung ye namanye wangjanimeul)
Ooh La-la! Geudae manye gongju dweldaeyo
([Yuri] Geudae eh jaro ooril nan gongju ga dwerae)
Geurae Ooh La-la!

[Seohyun] Geurihayo gonju nimeun wangjanimye songiro
[Yoona] Machareul tagoso gatguyo dooreun haengbokhage saratdajyo
[Sunny] Nae insaengeh ajikeun baek ma tan wangja nimeun objiman
[Yuri] Odin ga geudae itgetjyo onjenganeun manna ge dwil geudael gidarimyun naneun goomeul iji andwae!

[ALL] Ooh La-la! ([Taeyeon] oohoo~ yeah yeah~) Naneun ajikeun orijiman
([Seohyun/Yoona] Geudaeye jonjaereul mido yo ([Jessica] mideo) nan hanmyung ye namanye wangjanimeul) ([Jessica] Oh yeah yeah)
Ooh La-la! Geudaemanye gongju dwelraeyo ([Taeyeon] Oh baby, Oh baby Oh baby)
([Jessica/Yuri] Geudae ege jaro ooril ([Jessica] Oh baby) nan gongjuga dwelrae)
Geurae Ooh La-la!

[ALL] Ooh La-la! ([Taeyeon] Ohh yeah yeah) Naneun ajikeun orijiman ([Jessica] Ohh hoo hoo)
([Sunny/Sooyoung] Geudae ye jonjaereul midoyo ([Jessica] mideo yeo) nan hanmyung ye namanye wangja nimeul) ([Taeyeon] wangja~ oh yeah~)
Ooh La-la! Geudae yokshi nareul chagejyo ([Jessica] Oh baby, Oh baby, It's so good It's so good)
([Taeyeon/Tiffany] Oori mannal geunal oldaegaji na yogieh isso)
Bwasso Ooh La-la!

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  • v
    viettien81212Mar 26, 2012 at 2:08 am
    @kwonyuri3: hyoyeon, yoona, sooyoung, seohyun, jessica, sunny was rejected by you, you put in their yuri but there's nothing looks like her voice. You evil one! Run away!
  • u
    UnregisteredSep 28, 2013 at 7:59 am
    This song is so cute - probably one of those rare songs where all the parts are equally sung and even Hyoyeon gets a fair of solo lines to sing like everyone else. It's not fair she is super underrated nowadays. Out of all their songs so far, this is one of my favourites.
  • DarkLove
    DarkLoveMar 26, 2012 at 4:48 pm
    ^^ i love this song !
    [seohyun] geurihayo gonju nimeun wangjanimye songiro
    [yoona] machareul tagoso gatguyo dooreun haengbokhage saratdajyo
    [sunny] nae insaengeh ajikeun baek ma tan wangja nimeun objiman
    [yuri] odin ga geudae itgetjyo onjenganeun manna ge dwil geudael gidarimyun naneun goomeul iji andwae!
  • u
    UnregisteredFeb 21, 2012 at 11:13 am
    I love you seohyun
    I miss you sunny
    I think you jessica
    I remember you hyo yeon
    I like you sooyoung
    I admit you tiffany
    I fell you taeyeon
    I can't life without you yuri
    I protect you yoona xd
  • u
    UnregisteredNov 18, 2011 at 2:48 am
    Yoona and yuri how the results of her singing as mialnya 3 5 6 so you know it on the wall of his lyric wrote okay

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