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[Taeyeon] Bomnal gateun misoe on sesangihwahnhaejyeoyo
Nal tashi tto kkumkkuge haeyo
[Seohyun] Haessari ban-chagineun nal keudae sone kkakji kgigo
Bal-keo-reumeul majchwo keo-reoyo

[Sooyoung] Kakkeum nae-ga apseo keodda-ga
[Yoona] Mundeuk dwiireul do-rabomyeon
[Hyoyeon] Nareul boneun geu eol-ku-re
[Tiffany] Na nuni bushijyo

[Sunny] Bomi oneun sori teu-llimyeon
([All] Ggoti pin gil ttara keo-reoyo)
[Yuri] Bi naerineun yeoreumi omyeon
([All] Muji-gae-man bomyeo keo-reoyo)
[Jessica] Ka-eul jina kyeou-ri wahdo
Sone jeonhaejineun ongiro
([All] Ttaseuhameuro)
[Jessica] Hamkke keo-reo-gayo
How great is your love

[Sunny] Haneu-reul talmeun sarangi nae-gedo ju-eojigil
Nan eonjena gidaryeowaht-jyo
[Jessica] Byeolbichi ban-chagineun nal norae-haneun jeo
Saedeulye mellodie majchwo keo-reoyo

[Yoona] Dol-ko doneun ne kyejeolye
[Hyoyeon] Banbokdwehneun bimilcheoreom
[Yuri] Byeonhameom-neun geu sarange
[Sooyoung] Na nuni bushijyo

[Seohyun] Bomi oneun sori teu-llimyeon
([All] Ggoti pin gil ttara keo-reoyo)
[Tiffany] Bi naerineun yeoreumi omyeon
([All] Muji-gae-man bomyeo keo-reoyo)
[Taeyeon] Ka-eul jina kyeou-ri wahdo
Sone jeonhaejineun ongiro
([All] Ttaseuhameuro)
[Taeyeon] Hamkke keo-reo-gayo
How great is your love

[Jessica] Sesange jichyeoit-deon nae-ge
([All] Balgeun bichi dweheojun geudae)
[Jessica] Hamkke keonneun jobeun gil kkeu-te
([All] Tashi tto kyeou-ri ondaedo)
[Taeyeon] Keudae nae son jabajundamyeon
[Tiffany] Nae-ge I geochin sesangdo ([All] bomnal gateunkeol)
[Taeyeon] How great is your love ([Taeyeon] Oh whoa yeah)
[Tiffany] How great is your love

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  • U
    UnregisteredDec 18, 2013 at 2:29 am
    Ya! Sunny voice is different as yuri voice. Yuri sing with sunny sound! Sooyoung get a little part, its all because her voice. In snsd if she get good sound ia a song, she will get the part. The greater is the voice, the more part of it sing song. Im sorry, im not a sunshiners too and not yurisistable or sooyoungster, im a taegangster. Sone peace! ~
  • U
    UnregisteredMay 14, 2012 at 1:23 pm
    To be honest i dont think some of snsd members are contented with their lines maybe they want more lines but cant say it because they know that they cant choose certain lines... Actually they just cant say "ooh, i want to sing that line" sm chose whom to give the lines to based on their vocal range... No offense but i hate how sm treat snsd, because they know how hard they try to improve their vocals but still they treat the other members underrated.. It sound so mean coming from me but i guess sm just base their standards base on their looks, i mean snsd are all talented but only 5 of them can be said to be perfect members for the group... But i guess snsd wouldn't be snsd without the other 4 girls... And i hate how sm cant hear the pleas of sones i mean come on, everyone's been pleading to give sooyoung/yuri more lines but they still go for the basics which is giving only 1-2 lines for them... And i wouldn't say that sooyoung should just sing this song alone because she cant reach some high notes in this song... I'm not an anti, i'm just concerned about them being treated this way...
  • U
    UnregisteredNov 17, 2011 at 2:12 pm
    Actually, my opinion is that we can't judge the person's singing ability by the number of lines she got. The number of lines is based on the nature of the song. By knowing the nature of the song (i.e. Soothing, rock, jazz or classic), the person who can sing with the flow of this song the most will then get more lines to sing than the others.
  • U
    UnregisteredMay 14, 2012 at 1:08 pm
    To be honest i'm so proud of sooyoung and yuri... Although they are not the best singers in snsd at least they can contribute to the group by writing wonderful lyrics for their songs and not only that they made their song only for themselves but for the whole group... They did not just write the song just to singit solo but wrote it to be sang by their fellow members... To be honest i feel sad that they only have few lines but i think they feel proud of themselves singing oneof their songs with the other members...
  • U
    UnregisteredDec 11, 2011 at 8:32 am
    A wonderful song i love all the members because we should understand that they have a potential that each one posses and no one can take that away so pls understand snsd because we don't know them for us to say things that could ruin them!! So pls.. Just support snsd and they are just like normal people they get hurt with wath you're saying :((

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