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Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars lyrics

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    This is a wonderful song it reminds me about a girl i loved and i will love forever and ever and i can't disclose my feeling to her that is the bad thing about my love even she love me too and the line which reminds me about her "all that i am and all that i was" more over while listening this song i feel that she is with me it just touch my heart all i want to be is to be with her that what i feel when i heard this song.
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    I think it is about two in love that maybe others do not support or approve of. Maybe they don't have anybody but each other. That to me comes from first of the song. You can tell they are in love. So much so it is hard to put into words. That safe wonderful place of when they are together means so much, makes them feel it all. So they want to stay there and forget everything. That's how I see it.
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    I guess with a great song everyone has their own way it touches them. For me, I see it as a single parent singing it to my young daughter. "all that i am, and all that i ever was" just screams parent to child, and who else but a innocent young child really has perfect eyes? I want to play with her before she gets too old to play. We will do it all on our own, and we don't need anything or anyone but each other, and I do sometimes need her pure young grace, to find mine. She makes me be a better person, and I will always love her, this will never change.
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    To me this song will always be about me and my dog, who is getting old. Maybe she can't chase cars anymore but when she sleeps you can see she's dreaming about running - chasing cars inside her head. If I didn't have to walk her every day I would probably never walk outside at all - so, she's the one who shows me gardens bursting into life. And if you've ever looked into your dog's perfect endless eyes you will understand the part about all that I am or ever was being reflected there. I'm not a crazy dog person - I have a husband and two kids I adore! - but the love of your dog is something different. You can't just lie down & forget the world with a human. Humans always want something from you. Dogs just want your presence. It's a pure, innocent kind of love.
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    "Let's waste time.
    Chasing cars in our head".
    I think it means at he loves to waste time just by imagining great moments with that certain person. Imagine things or Happy thoughts which he is not sure if will happen.
    I so love this song. This song is like the narration of how love is going on in my life.
    I'm empowered with just the thoughts of that person beside me. Every time I lay down, he'd be the first person to buzz my thoughts. "I chase cars in my head" I had this fantasies making our stories cause I know that's just where we could be happy and with mutual affection. .
    "I need your grace To remind me To find my own"
    But sometimes I wan't to be in the real world. I want to remind myself that the two of us is a hopeless case, very impossible.
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