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Snoop Dogg – Sexual Eruption lyrics

I'm gonna take my time... She gon get hers before I... I'm gonna take it slooow... I'm not gonna rush the stroke so she can get a...

Sexual Eruption So I can get a Sexual Eruption so we can get a sexual eruption... Sexual eruption (whoa whoa)

[Verse 1:]
She might be with him but she's thinkin bout me me meeee
We don't go to the mall we don't go out to eat eat eaaaat
All that we ever do is play in the sheets sheets sheeeets
Smoke us a cigarette and go back to sleep sleep sleeep cause we then got a...

Sexual eruption Sexual Eruption (whoa whoa) Sexual eruption Sexual eruption (whoa whoa)


[Verse 2:]
If you don't know by now Doggy Dog is a freak freak freeeaak
I keep a bad bitch with me seven days out the week week weeeek
And all that we ever do is play in the sheets sheets sheeeets
Smoke us a cigarette and go back to sleep sleep sleeeep cause we then got a...

Sexual Eruption Sexual Eruption (whoa whoa)
Sexual Eruption Sexual Eruption (whoa whoa)

I was all in the club sippin some Hen, smokin on a blunt of dro when I peeped this lil hoe out, I was all at the bar with drift up Shawty Red came on then she hit the flo now with a see thru dress on long hair light brown eyes lookin like
Ms. Bo-P and a nigga know if I take her home with them wide ass hips ya damn right I'm gon be, so I approached the the chick with the real pretty face big ass booty with the lil bittie waist I whispered in her ear lil momma what you drank I know that you a freak but you know I ain't gon say shit, See my game is outrageous I got her to the crib and exchanged some fuck faces but it wasn't no use for me to rush to buss one cause I wanted her to have a eruption

Sexual Eruption (a sexual eruption) Sexual Eruption (orgasm) sexual eruption sexual eruption sexual eruption [music fade]

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