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Smokey Robinson – Really Gonna Miss You lyrics

Really gonna miss you
Its really gonna be different without you
Time came when you had to go
For the rest of my life
Gonna be thinking about you (yes I am)
I'll miss you my husband
I'll miss you my friend
I promise my love for you will never end
In your finest hour I was there with you
And without you things wont be the same
But there's a higher power that we answer to
And you heard him calling your name
Everything about you your smiling face
I know you want us all to be strong
I know your going to that magic place
Singing you a brand new song
I'll miss you my love
I'll miss you my friend
I promise my love for you will never end
Really Miss You

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  • d
    There is another meaning to this song that hurts just as bad as losing a loved one in death. That's an irreversible pain that will never go away. But you, reluctantly, understand that circumstance. Why? Because we die. We all expect to die.

    But what about a love lost and the ensuing heartbreak. You don't think "Really Gonna Miss You" applies here? Well, let me tell you, it really does. And the "Higher power" phrase. If you los them because of your Higher Power, or theirs, it hurts even more. And if getting the person to want you again, after having the experience of a break up., traumatic! I am dealing with just such an issue. My heart is broken because the woman I've waited for, for 47 years, can't spend the rest of my life with me. 47 years ago, she was ripped from my arms, and my heart, by the most unloving persons ever. Young love, in full bloom, torn apart and cast way like so much trash. Young love that was clan, decent, pure. 47 years, two lifetimes, in different spaces In time, suddenly brought together in the oddest of circumstances. What a joy! It had to be a God send! Then, after 6 weeks, a screaming ripping, torturous minute, and down it goes again. Face to face with my Dream Girl, and suddenly, it becomes a nightmare. So, now, I am back to that same place, saying that same thing: I'm Realyl Gonna Miss You.
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  • u
    To djbillyd, I loved Smokey Robinson since I was a kid but I had never heard this song. I can't listen to it now without real tears. I'm 54 now and list my wife 7+ years ago. It feels like it's written for me in a truly literal sense. No deep analysis, just saying what it is. Anyway, you take care, my friend.
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    I recently lost my gramma at 64 yrs she used to line up all her grandchildren there are 15 of us to sing at once her fav songs this is one she really encouraged us to sing and I never thought I could do it she sang this to us and I remember gathering in her living room to practice it although we chickened out and never sang it, it became a great deal when she passed away because it was the very song she kept pushing ius to learn. So at her funeral a couple of us that could remember the lyrics sang it as they put her int he ground god rest her soul and all I can do is cry remembering that moment my gramma was really in love with this song.
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  • c
    This song means so much to me because I lost my daughter krystal 2 1/2 years ago. And she was my buddy and my friend. I did not care that she went to a better place at the time but now it gives me so much comfort to know that my krystal is with our lord. It hurts me that she is gone but happy shes in a better place than me.
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