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Slick Rick – The Ruler's Back lyrics

Hauk, who goes yonder?
It is I, sire, richard of nottingham
Well, speak up man, what is it?
News from the east, sire, rick the ruler has returned!

Gather 'round party goers as if your still livin
And get on down to the old slick rhythm
Now this one here is called the ruler my dear
Its a mere party booster that will set things clear
Its a hundred percent proof from champions of truth
And if you feel you need spirit I'll bring back your youth
Relax your mind, and folks unwind
And be kind to a rhythm that you hardly find
And off we go, let the trumpets blow
Well hold on, because the driver of the mission is a pro
The ruler's back

Now in these times, at least to me
There's a lot of people out here tryin' to sound like ricky d
Not tryin' to cause trouble cause it's really a small thing
But they're bitin what I'm writin
God it's great being the king
Some sound allright, but then they act illy
Try conquering my crown and that's really very silly
Now I'm not the type that gets upset
Try to disrespect folks just to earn respect
But learn this fact, whether white or black
I can't be conquered in my style of rap
For jealousy and envy are dumb ones tools
So ricky says nothing, he keeps his cool
Revenge is not a mission that the ruler's on
Just forgiveness required for the wrong that's done
So off we go, let the trumpets blow
And hold on, because the driver of the mission is a pro
The ruler's back

Now one day when I was chillin' at this outside jam
I seen folks havin' a ball and plus clappin' their hands
To beats of records that conquer the streets
Like pee wee herman and clubhouse treats
Girls was chillin', boys rule as usual
The slacks, the golds, the rings, I hope I'm not confusin y'all
But everyone in the house looks smashin'
Fresh clothes on their butts and nothing out of fashion
And just when you thought nothing couldn't get better
A news flash concealed in a bright yellow letter
A kid ran up to the mike and said "alert, hear this,"
Cleared his [?] throat and then began to persist
He said "hallelujah, kids hear this
The ruler's back and he's here to assist"
So off we go, let the trumpets blow
And hold on because the driver of the mission is a pro
The ruler's back

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