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Slick Rick – Slick Rick - The Ruler lyrics

[Slick Rick]
Forget about the people before I know tired of
Been through the whole world for what? Tired of bride
But tonight let's talk about the ones who bite
Although they know, they won't ever get it right
Cuz they got no class, and they have no game
And can't find another brother who boost it on pain
And hey hooray, on a one way give me
I pack for ya lover, for them, cuz Slick Ricky is a


[Slick Rick]
Walk into a party, come smart and laugh
As the girls go crazy, want me for my dear autograph
And it's me they be admirin, my new style of rappin
And brothers go around me, how I done the insanity
The girls say "wow" they can't spell the hate
Say fellas how you organize the word's today
On my will says "chill" and I do it by my way
Cuz that's how we port son, represent, represent


[Slick Rick]
Remember one night when the world was dead quiet
And outta nowhere some boys start a riot
Take off my clothes, I had to throw blows
The shotgun barrel and dead on my toes
The pros, it was people and the knows
Had a bunch of small timers, the people on my show
Surround it and bring it wit my empty shift
And said um, will you teach us how to rap, no doubt


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