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Sleeping At Last – Trees (Hallway Of Leaves) lyrics

It's just beyond those trees...
The place I've been dreaming of.
Will you follow me?

Trust me, I know where I'm going.
It's somewhere here within the leaves...
There must be some mistake...

Trust me, I know where I'm going
We'll cut a path out for us
Through the green seas,
We'll make hallways of leaves.

I know it seems, it was just some crazy dream
And I know my eyes were closed
But this dream feels more real to me
Than life itself.

My ear is pressed upon this wall.
For behind it is that place.

The door is locked...
I'll do whatever it takes

(You have to) Trust me, I know where I'm going.

Will you follow me?
Will you follow me, still?

In the moments that I feel
We're closer than ever before
The world drops out from under our feet.
But I believe the darkest of fights
Prove we're almost there.

There is always something there
To take our hearts like thieves
There is alvays something there
To take our hearts(But nothing matters.)
There is always something there to take

When we arrive
We will hear
Voices sing.

Nothing matters.
Nothing matters anymore
Nothing matters anymore, anymore, anymore.

It's beginning to get dark.
But don't worry,
I know where we are,
I know where we are.
Will you follow me, still?

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