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Sixx A.M. – Girl With Golden Eyes lyrics

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  • m
    It's obious what this is about, getting over heroin. Waking up to a day and just trying to get away from the girl. Each day she tempts you and is being seductive to the speaker.
    She is callingout and the speker is pushing her away, day after day he wants to get rid of her, and not fall back to her, to hold her in his arms (or just injectiong it in to his arms) Days one to Ten he is copeing with the loss of the seductive golden eyed girl, everyone thinks he will go back to her, but in the tenth day she is gone, he no longer lusts for her, he has a new life.
    So all in all this is about the speaker getting over the 'Girl With Golden Eyes\'.
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  • sixxluver91
    Yup. "morrison25" is right. It's all about his heroin addiction as indicated with his story through his withdrawl. Day one-ten. It's talking about how if he can get away from heroin he will save his life. Which he prolly did. I agree with morrison, it's incredibly deep and if you don't get him and what he's gone through, or unless you've gone through it yourself you probably wont get the song.
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  • o
    "The girl with the golden eyes," is actually referring to heroin. Heroin is a drug that almost everyone has heard of but no one really believes how serious of a problem it is. Heroin is not like marijuana, where you can smoke it and they'll be really no long term effects. With heroin, you can do it once and die. It is a light brownish-gold color and Nikki Sixx is saying that she is so powerful, so unresisting, that he cannot get away from "her." In the end, when he is talking about the days, he is describing the pain he went through when he was quitting heroin.
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