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Siobhan Donaghy – 12 Bar Acid Blues lyrics

Well I found myself in a world of pain
And I thought I'd try to get away
So I went online and book a trip
I thought I could use (?) a holiday
So I sat right down and wrote to you
Oh dear John those things you do
I packed my stuff and wrote to you
Off I go singing a different tune
So I'm in the cab I'm running late
I have no hope getting in these city gates
I think of things I should have done
Countless things I should have run
Oh no what can I do
The passport check I'm already through
I've got a feeling in my gut
That I'm in a short deal for a lot of bad luck
I should have heeded
My father's saying
That things will go wrong
If you try to run before you crawl
Well as I found things can get worse
And I'm starting to think I may be cursed
Well the kid behind he's kicking me
Possessed by demons on TV
Oh no what can I do
My passport's gone my wallet too
I'v eaten fish and I'm feeling sick
I can only hope I'll be landing quick
Well first I knew you were up the creek
And I got so mad I couldn't speak
I was all geared up for Mexico but I was
Landing down now in Moscow
Oh no this just won't do
I wanted heat and it's minus two
I'm so choked up but I'm feeling mad
I couldn't believe that it could get this bad
I should have heeded
My father's saying that things will go wrong
If you rush too fast you will fall
Well I lost my bags and all I had
Was Judy Free (?) and a fashion mag
With no cash and no Visa too I
Had a lot of explaining to do
Well they said this just won't do
This is counterfeit and so are you
Well I found myself without my shoes
In a cold jail cell and I've got the blues
I should have heeded
My father's saying cause things did go wrong
When I tried to run and face it head on
Do do do do do

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