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Wild Eyes lyrics

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Shinhwa – Wild Eyes lyrics

Keun si ryeon teul ee nae geh ga chyeo what teon
Sang cheo man ee na reul man teul eot chi
Geu noo doo do na reul mak eul soo ga eop seo
Chi weo chyeot seo
Yeh cheon eui nan

**Na reul da si po keh soel geo ya
Sang sang hal soo eop teon na eui mo seup eul

You need a true ruff rugged type figure hea
I be holdin the key gotta be me
All in the sheets
Tal ra chyeot seo na neun kang hae chyeot seo
Doo go po myeon neo do al ke dwil keo ya
What you really want from a guy like me
I be rollin the streets hitten my peak
Alway complete

Soon chin haet teon noon pit kwa
Gyeol ko geh san cheok il soo ga eop teon mo seup to
Neh geh man po yeot teon keol mid eul soo eop ni eop ni
Tan han soon gan do neh ah eh
Geo chil mal eun eop eot seo
Chin sil man keum man neh geh chool te ni ga (I know, I know, I know)

If you wanna man like a Winner
(How you wanna be?)
Weon han ta myeon hae choo go sip eo
(Is you down for me?)
Nae myeon sok eh na reul chat eul soo it keh na reul chyeo da pwa
('cause you callin me)
If you wanna man like a Stronger
(How you wanna be?)
Geu geh pa ro na yeot teon keol wae mol ra
I've got you lady
Don't go far away from me
Never don't go

Diamond briguettes
Rolex o your wrists
Say you wanna man who can do work with his fists
A new millenium type figure here!
Only wanted to show you the light side
The bright side of life
But if it ain't so
Let me show you some more

Ee chen poon myeong hae chyeot seo
Gyeol ko ni ga weon haet teon geh nae mo seup ee ah nin keol
Gool choo reon deut han yok mang teul ro pyeon hae peo ryeot chi
Chin sil kad eun chin sil kwa
Sarang eop neun sarang sok eul he me deon
Neo reul too ha go sip eo


Nae cha yoo ro oom to (That's like me)
Neo reul wi han keot (It was like me)
You only girl I love so mentally (Sweety baby, do you like that?)
Teuk pyeol han keot man eul
Choon pi hae doon na eui
Goom eh neo reul cho dae hae
Neo eui nam cha ga dwin na reul po yeo choo get seo


Keo chin noon pit man keum nae geut man keum
Ki cheok kad eun seh sang do

Nal ra chyeot seo na neun kean hae chyeot seo
Doo go po myeon neo do al ke doel keo ya

Da si na reul sarang hal soo it ke neo reul chap ko sip eot seo


See you ain't seen but half of me, no lie
Should of known by that wild in your eyes
You the type exited by danger
Well look it here
I ain't no stranger to them things that get in a player's way
Everything I got, that's how I'm standin here today

If you want a man like a Stronger (How you wanna be?)
Geu geh pa ro na yeot teon keol wae mol ra
I've got you lady
Don't go far away from me
Never don't go!!

Na reul ta si po keh doel keo ya
Sang sang hal soo ep teon na eui mo seup eul

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