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Shaggy 2 Dope – Your Life lyrics


Your karma... it's all about karma... (x2, then another x2 in background of next line)

Your life, your life, your liiiii...i-iiii...i-ife

I awake, floatin 3 feet off my bed,
An old cardboard box, no shoes, no socks,
But lots of karma, i'm smiley-whilin,
Giddy-as-fuck, though grimey-stylin.
I gots no home, I gots no bones,
Just happy to be alive and checkin payphones,
For a quarter over here, a nickel over there,
Flat broke, but I got a lot of karma to share.

I can make mountains get up and move out my way,
Hear that paradise has offered me a place to stay,
I don't waste a day, I don't starve for nothing,
Im the karma millionaire, always happy 'bout something.
I say live out your days coz you ain't gettin shit back,
Bitch around me will only get you your lip smacked,
Karma over any drug dealers supply,
Coz I can do anything with it except die.

The bail man's tryin to find me, i'm deep into thoughts,
And I bounce everytime a car passes with the bumps,
Im the hobo with all the jokes to tell,
Full of karma through the roof and i'm broke as hell.
Whether the life slows down, or if it throws down,
I'm beaming karma and i'm glad to be around,
This city get cold as ice, i'm out there,
But my karma keep me warm like some thermal underwear.


REPEAT "Your Life..." x2

Let me see a bad weather, I got sunshine for ya,
Front me with that sad shit, I'll fuckin ignore ya,
My days are always fly days,
I like everybody else on them over-crowded highways.
I says karma's worth more than money or love,
Or any of the above,
Mine blows off, and shows off my charisma,
Happy nobody here that say that there is none.


REPEAT "Your Life..." x2

I'm all about karma, if i'm about something,}
Ain't nobody placed on this earth for nothin,} X
Watch me get to it, get on it, get live,} 8
But i'm still alive, and i'm so alive.}

REPEAT "Your Life..." x4 in background of last 4 times

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