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Sesame Street – Measuring lyrics

Kevin: Hi, I'm Kevin.
Pheobe: And I'm Phoebe.
Count: I'm Count von Count.
Kevin: Here's a little song for you guys and gals out
There who can't quite figure out what the wacky world
Of measuring is all about.
Phoebe: And it goes something like this...
Count: It goes exactly like this!
Phoebe: How deep is your bathtub?
Count: 2 feet
How high is your shelf?
3 feet
Kevin: How tall is that penguin?
24 inches
You can find out yourself
Phoebe and Kevin: Just get out your ruler
And you will see
Kevin: How fun and useful measuring can be
Phoebe: How tall is your brother?
2 feet, 1 inch
How big is that tree?
5 feet
Kevin: How wide is your mother?

One and a half feet
Don't come running to me
Phoebe and Kevin: Once you've tried a ruler
I'm sure you'll agree
Kevin: How fun and useful measuring can be
Phoebe and Kevin: Inches, yards and feet
They really can't be beat
Count: For measuring they bring home all the prizes
Kevin: You will find them on your ruler
Count: And there's really nothing cooler
All: When you want to figure out what something's size is
Phoebe and Kevin: How long is that noodle?
8 inches
How tall is that drink?
5 inches
Phoebe: How big is your poodle?
2 feet, 5 inches
Kevin: How deep is your sink?
1 foot
Phoebe and Kevin: Once you've tried a ruler
I'm sure you'll agree
Phoebe: How truly useful measuring
Phoebe and Kevin: How truly useful measuring
All: How truly useful measuing can be

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